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Jamie Bamber and James Callis Added to Dragon*Con Guest List

Dragon*Con Guests

Believe it or not, I'm not jumping up and down on the couch over this. DC is months off, he's one of two for scheduled appearances there, and I can come up with several reasons as to why he may have to cancel. In other words, I'll believe it when I see him. ;)

Btw, if anyone wonders why so many BSG actors have signed, but no Katee, it's because she has a different con manager then the rest. Apparently, most, if not all, are repped by Erin Grey (yes, THAT Erin Grey) and Katee is repped by Julie Caitlin Brown.

ETA: I don't know if I missed this earlier, but I now see Jewel Staite has been added.
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and of course you will be there. :)

I know, it 6 months away and there is a decent chance of Katee signing on. They definitely are doing a big push this year with all the guests.
You say that about Julie now, but if you ever see her in person you'll be saying something completely different....and it rhymes with witch. ;)
1. I assume the jumping is for joy so Congrats!

2. Erin Grey? wow, now if Connie Sellica and Holly Hallstrom go into that business, it will be a "hatrick" for ladies I had crushes on while growing up.
Is Julie Caitlin Brown the evil baby-wielding goth Valkyrie who repped James in Chicago?
Yes, that would be her. She's still making enemies wherever she goes. The only difference is at the big cons she's pissing off thousands (including one Klingon that I know of) instead of hundreds.