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Very Brief Weekend Recap

Managed to piss off two partners on Friday. I must speak with my boss tomorrow about revamping some firm policies to avoid such unecessary drama in the future.

The bitchy co-workers wedding was Friday night. I wish I had more to complain about other than we didn't get served dinner until 9:00pm and the cake was not of the good. Oh, she wore way too much makeup. :p

Saw School of Rock this afternoon. It was funny and heartfelt. Great performances not just by Jack Black but his young co-stars as well. It wasn't quite as funny as I had expected (the heartfelt part more than made up for that) but it dawned on me why in this era of crap comedies, this film would stand out as exceptional. It was obvious it was crafted with love and intelligence.

Well, I didn't hate Lauren. How could I, she was too damn boring. And the worst part is she sucked Vaughn into the boring vortex with her. Watching them on screen together was, as lynnb pointed out, like watching paint dry. Only, less fun.

On the plus side, I fall a little more in love with Weiss each week. OK, I knew he was going to get Syd a copy of the book, yet I still choked up when she saw it sitting there. I only hesitate to ship them because I think they make such great friends. :)

Oh, and who else thinks Vaughn forgot all about wifey when he saw Syd in the red dress?

The plot tonight was kind of 'Eh', so I really don't have much to say about it. Though, when did this Lazerey (sp) murder take place? I don't see the CIA and NSA waiting a long time to begin the investgation which leads me to believe it happened not long before Syd showed up in Hong Kong. The question then is who wanted her to get back to her old life so soon after the murder and why?

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