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What a Way to Waste a Weekend

I had every intention of going out today. There was actual sun and it was a balmy 40 degrees. I even blew off hanging out with a friend. And why? So I could chain myself to my computer. It wasn't unproductive web surfing at least. I did a little housekeeping at jamiebambernews. (And just noticed the comm can be syndicated. ::head desk::) Cleaned up my bookmarks, my Google homepage, and my browser. And after having the same header and layout on this LJ for years, I finally changed it. It was a little hard to remove the lovely Lee header created by sdwolfpup, but I felt I needed to remodel. Months ago, I expected the Season 4 promo pics to showcase Lee in a suit rather than the uniform and told myself I was going to make a new header with one of those images. Two days and countless hours later, I completed my task. I'm not sure if the lyrics (courtesy of Lifehouse) and images work as well as they should, but they make sense to me. I intended to make an icon with "Beautiful Tragedy" back on Joy Day, but it didn't seem very joyful. ;)

The header actually turned out better than I expected, though not quite the image I had in my mind. I don't have Photoshop or any other really spiffy graphics program, so I make do with what I have. I learned some new tricks which is cool. And I think I figured out how to save graphics at a hire resolution! I just wish LJ would make it easier for less tech inclined people like myself to insert a header. It's one reason I'm sticking with the component layout.

TCM was nice enough to run two of my all time favorite movies yesterday, Singin in the Rain and All About Eve. The latter I could listen to the dialogue over and over and over again. They don't make them like that anymore.

I also watched 'Flesh and Bone' on HD Universal. I had a thought. More like revisiting a thought. Leoben's last words to Laura are, "Adama is a Cylon". I think we all assumed at the time he was referring to Bill Adama. There has also been speculation that he could have meant Lee, but, personally, I don't see that happening. I still think Leoben was likely just lying to throw Laura off balance, cause her to question Adama's leadership, and put the fleet into further peril. If we believe Ron Moore, no one in the 'Last Supper' photo is the last Cylon. (Did I mention IF?) I think the reveal of the final Cylon is supposed to be surprising, yet if we eliminate the entire main cast we'd be left we Cally, Dee, Gaeta, Zarek, and possibly Ellen. Gaeta I think could be a strong possibility given how close he was to Baltar. Zarek could be an intriguing twist. But watching 'Flesh & Bone' again, hearing Leoben's words, what could really rock the boat for the characters and audience is if Zak Adama was the final Cylon. I wouldn't even consider this as an option if we were playing by the old Cylon rules. But we have four Cylons who are supposedly different then the others and we aren't sure how. What if they are copies of humans? What if Anders, Tigh, Tori, and Tyrol believed so strongly that they were human because they were at one time? Could the next step in Cylon evolution be cloning? If so, maybe Zak Adama could make a reappearance.

Just a thought. It's probably Gaeta. ;)

Other joyful moments this weekend:

* My passport arrived! Yeah, the picture sucks, but the good news is the government couldn't find any dirt on me! It also shows that processing time is back to about four weeks. Man, a branch of the government is doing it's job. Who'd of thunk it?

* Wolverine Promo Pics. GUH. Accept the last one freaks me out a bit. I really doubt Hugh's been shooting up steroids for this outing (and he looks normal in the other two photos) so I'm going with really disturbing photoshopping.

* I found my flash drive! The one I got uber cheap and that's been missing for months.

Things that were distressing to me:

* I thought LJ was messing with my Flist, randomly adding people, until I clicked on the journals and discovered that several of you have decided to change your names without mentioning it. :p

* I have a My Space page. It's under a fake name, I have no profile, and no posts. The only reason I set it up was to access some stuff. So why is someone sending me a message? No, I haven't opened it yet. I'm a little afraid to.
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