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What a Way to Waste a Weekend

I had every intention of going out today. There was actual sun and it was a balmy 40 degrees. I even blew off hanging out with a friend. And why? So I could chain myself to my computer. It wasn't unproductive web surfing at least. I did a little housekeeping at jamiebambernews. (And just noticed the comm can be syndicated. ::head desk::) Cleaned up my bookmarks, my Google homepage, and my browser. And after having the same header and layout on this LJ for years, I finally changed it. It was a little hard to remove the lovely Lee header created by sdwolfpup, but I felt I needed to remodel. Months ago, I expected the Season 4 promo pics to showcase Lee in a suit rather than the uniform and told myself I was going to make a new header with one of those images. Two days and countless hours later, I completed my task. I'm not sure if the lyrics (courtesy of Lifehouse) and images work as well as they should, but they make sense to me. I intended to make an icon with "Beautiful Tragedy" back on Joy Day, but it didn't seem very joyful. ;)

The header actually turned out better than I expected, though not quite the image I had in my mind. I don't have Photoshop or any other really spiffy graphics program, so I make do with what I have. I learned some new tricks which is cool. And I think I figured out how to save graphics at a hire resolution! I just wish LJ would make it easier for less tech inclined people like myself to insert a header. It's one reason I'm sticking with the component layout.

TCM was nice enough to run two of my all time favorite movies yesterday, Singin in the Rain and All About Eve. The latter I could listen to the dialogue over and over and over again. They don't make them like that anymore.

I also watched 'Flesh and Bone' on HD Universal. I had a thought. More like revisiting a thought. Leoben's last words to Laura are, "Adama is a Cylon". I think we all assumed at the time he was referring to Bill Adama. There has also been speculation that he could have meant Lee, but, personally, I don't see that happening. I still think Leoben was likely just lying to throw Laura off balance, cause her to question Adama's leadership, and put the fleet into further peril. If we believe Ron Moore, no one in the 'Last Supper' photo is the last Cylon. (Did I mention IF?) I think the reveal of the final Cylon is supposed to be surprising, yet if we eliminate the entire main cast we'd be left we Cally, Dee, Gaeta, Zarek, and possibly Ellen. Gaeta I think could be a strong possibility given how close he was to Baltar. Zarek could be an intriguing twist. But watching 'Flesh & Bone' again, hearing Leoben's words, what could really rock the boat for the characters and audience is if Zak Adama was the final Cylon. I wouldn't even consider this as an option if we were playing by the old Cylon rules. But we have four Cylons who are supposedly different then the others and we aren't sure how. What if they are copies of humans? What if Anders, Tigh, Tori, and Tyrol believed so strongly that they were human because they were at one time? Could the next step in Cylon evolution be cloning? If so, maybe Zak Adama could make a reappearance.

Just a thought. It's probably Gaeta. ;)

Other joyful moments this weekend:

* My passport arrived! Yeah, the picture sucks, but the good news is the government couldn't find any dirt on me! It also shows that processing time is back to about four weeks. Man, a branch of the government is doing it's job. Who'd of thunk it?

* Wolverine Promo Pics. GUH. Accept the last one freaks me out a bit. I really doubt Hugh's been shooting up steroids for this outing (and he looks normal in the other two photos) so I'm going with really disturbing photoshopping.

* I found my flash drive! The one I got uber cheap and that's been missing for months.

Things that were distressing to me:

* I thought LJ was messing with my Flist, randomly adding people, until I clicked on the journals and discovered that several of you have decided to change your names without mentioning it. :p

* I have a My Space page. It's under a fake name, I have no profile, and no posts. The only reason I set it up was to access some stuff. So why is someone sending me a message? No, I haven't opened it yet. I'm a little afraid to.
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Was the MySpace message from Tom? Cause that's the founder and he always sends me messages, on my fake name with no profile or posts.
Very pretty new header! *admires*

And I, too, think it would be quite interesting if Zak turned out to be a Cylon. I think SDW was the one who first suggested that theory to me a while ago (mainly because I don't think Bill is a Cylon, and I'm really not OK with Lee being a Cylon--though, as you say, maybe Leoben was lying and just trying to sow discord, but I sort of doubt it), and I was really intrigued by it. I'd still like to see them go there!

Have you seen the Battlestar Galactica in 8 Minutes? It's pretty funny. :)
Thanks. :)

I seem to recall SDW's theory now that you mention it. I'd personally love to see Bill, Lee, and Kara's reaction to Zak walking through a door.

Yeah, I saw the promo. :)
Mmm, pretty.

Have you checked the FAQ for adding headers? It leads you to where I'm going to link you:

(My recommendation is to use anything *but* component. There are a couple others that also use tables and therefore aren't very accessible, but component is also significantly slower loading than any other layout.)

Let me know if you need extra help.
I never noticed the component style being slow. Then again, I don't have the fastest internet at home so that could explain it. ;)

Thanks for the links. Maybe if I'm feeling adventurous one day, I'll play with other layouts. Just getting a new header done and up was enough of an accomplishment for me today. :)
[quote] I really doubt Hugh's been shooting up steroids for this outing (and he looks normal in the other two photos) so I'm going with really disturbing photoshopping.[/quote]

He was widened some to make his arms physically bigger, it looks, but it's mostly just the mono directional lighting that makes the muscle striations pop. CP. the Bamber towel scene. I'd look the same way under those lights and while I'm in good shape, I don't even go to a gym. It's really the only way to make a white person look strong though, otherwise we just reflect too much light and look like slugs. Which is why you rarely find white male actor known for his body hanging out on the beach.
It seems ironic that I spent part of the weekend thinking "I should change my LJ scheme at some point" only to discover that you've changed yours. There's definitely something weird going on. Although in terms of fancy graphics programmes, there are a couple of free programmes out there that might be useful; photofiltre is a decent editor but doesn't use layers, and serif have a photoshop programme that they give away older copies of for free which now includes versions that use layers. The downside with Serif is that you need an activation number for it, obtainable from their customer services department, who are absolutely the pushiest sales people I've ever met.

The final Cylon thing's been provoking chatter for what seems like forever now. I know I certainly don't trust Ron Moore as far as I could throw him (which'd be about six feet) so I'm inclined to think that he's quite capable of pulling some sort of left turn and making someone in the picture the final cylon, and then saying that it's because they've been "taken over" or cloned or something else. I think whoever they make it, there are two things that are certain to be true: fans will complain because the choice will make little/no sense and require retconning, and TPTB will think that it's the cleverest thing done on television evah.
I'm just getting use to the layers thing with the graphics program I have. It does come in handy, accept for text boxes. It wouldn't allow me to edit the text so I had to delete part of it and start over. Though that is relatively easy to do.

Maybe it's the new season that is inspiring us all to make over our LJs? :)

I think whoever they make it, there are two things that are certain to be true: fans will complain because the choice will make little/no sense and require retconning, and TPTB will think that it's the cleverest thing done on television evah.

Heh. Sad, but true.
Yeah I think it a month ago when All about Eve was playing while I was at my parents and I had them watch it. We all really enjoyed the film.

I'll be sure not to find you on MySpace as I'm about to delete mine.

BTW I'm loving your Daffy icons!!!!!!

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Your parents had never seen All About Eve??? I've lost track of how many times I've seen it. It's probably me favorite Betty Davis movie.

I was very excited to find the Daffy icons. :)
OOps I misread the post, (i.e Blenderized) the film we watched was "The Lady Eve", which they had never seen.

I am pretty sure they have seen All about Eve, but also know Betty Davis is not one of their favorites.

I'm still laughing at this icon you've got... LOL
Thanks for the kind words about the header. :) I'm learning as I go. I do think having an art background does help me know if something sucks or not, but since I'm not tech savvy it's a struggle sometimes to get the images in my head on screen. There are several happy accidents in this header. ;)

Now you have put in my head, "Kara Thrace, Cylon Magnet". Maybe it's part of her destiny to marry a Cylon? Maybe Zak's death forced Anders to become Plan B? And maybe Kara and Helo can form a support group? ;)

OH! And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Very nice header! I really like the effect of that blurring/brushstroke thing around the edges. And I love Lee with the longer hair. :-)

WOLVERINE! That first pic is stunning. Guh, indeed.
Thanks. You pointed out two of my favorite things about the header. ;)

I LOVE that pic of Hugh/Wolverine. And it's awesome that Hugh has embraced the character rather than turn into one of those actors who tries to brush off how they got their big break.