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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the newly renamed ;) dragonfly0303. Hope you have a great day! Did you perchance opt for a long weekend as I did? :)

I checked out my new LJ scheme at work today and I noticed two things - the colors look more as I want them to on my work monitor and my header seems HUGE on my work computer monitor (19" squarish screen vs 15" widescreen).

The two hour season finale of The Sarah Conner Chronicles is tonight. I haven't been this excited by TV in quite some time.
Sees bandwagon. Jumps on it.
I too wish to wish the happies to the newly-named dragonfly!

And also to you, asta, belatedly. Cos I was in marceeland when it was your birthday, and didn't get near a computer on the appropriate day. But I wish you a glorious year anyway.
Me too on birthday happies!

And, me too on Sarah Connor.

Both belatedly. I was so/so on SC until last night when I caught up on the last three episodes in a row. I was impressed. And 90210 guy growed up to be a man. Who knew?
I liked the show from the beginning, but I didn't fall hard for it until the last few eps. And I was shocked to discover that Brian Austin Green could actually act!
Thank you ladies! Oop's sorry about not announcing the name change. Little detial I forgot. ;)

I did indeed opt to take an extra day. By the way, your new header is gorgeous! Glad you didn't do away entirely with the old, though.
Glad you didn't do away entirely with the old, though.

I just wasn't ready to let go of the bloody hands yet. ;)

And glad you opted to take the extra day. :)