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I think after three pretty awesome episodes, I built these last two up too much in my mind. I did enjoy them, but they didn't make me as thinkee as prior episodes have. So, some brief, not-very-meta-y, thoughts.

Vick's Chip - I only recall two things about this episode. Watching Vick's memories play out on a computer monitor was not that interesting. I think that idea must have played out better on the page. And Cameron was making a real effort to fit in better. It's not something she necessarily has to do, but wants to do which seems to set her apart from others of her kind. In particular, she seems to want to be able to have a conversation with John. I'm sure Derek would argue that her attempts at humanizing herself, ingratiating herself to John, is part of some plan that will end in her betraying them, but I don't think that is the case.

Was this the ep in which Sarah said, "I read the school newsletter"? That cracked me up. Sarah is trying, bless her, to be a normal mom.

What He Beheld - This episode certainly pushed some boundaries. I think we knew that Derek wouldn't harm the little girl, but we generally don't see one of the heroes of a show holding a gun to a child's head. And the bodies of the FBI agents, falling into the pool, the water slowly turning red, was a striking image.

The scene that affected me most though, to the point that I may have teared up a little, was the scene in the park. That was one hell of a birthday present Derek gave John, John finally getting to see his father (and, unknowingly, Kyle getting to meet his son). Derek also reveals that he knows the truth. Of course, as I'm watching this touching family moment I'm also thinking about how devastated John will be when Derek goes bad.

FOX was pushing a cliffhanger ending, but if it's Cameron blowing up...Pfft! It's going to take some work to patch her up, but we know she'll be fine eventually.

Oh, I really liked that they used a Johnny Cash song, not a typical song choice for this type of show.

New Amsterdam premieres tomorrow. I have no idea if it's any good, but Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is easy on the eyes (and a reason I've seen Wimbledon more than once). I also noticed on imdb that Lasse Hallstrom directs the pilot. This should be interesting.
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The last ep made me pretty flaily (the bottom of the pool perspective really made an impact). However the Chip ep did make me roll my eyes some, specifically in regards to the virus/hacking-the-traffic-system stuff. I think it's because of my job--teevee and movies never get IT right and it tends to throw me out of the story a bit. But that's a small complaint and the rest of the story made up for it, for me.
I liked a lot of the character moments in the ep, but the story fell flat. In fairness to the writers, they didn't expect this to be the second to the last episode of the season and they may have been more concerned with building the characters than a strong plot.
I suspect there may be an increase in the sale of that Johnny Cash song after last night.

I wasn't the happiest with the Chip ep overall, yet parts of that the main characters were doing (mainly John & Cameron) were great to watch. I also enjoyed Sarah reflecting back on her days as a waitress, yet even those thoughts are tainted with her doom (Tolkien usage here).

The 2nd episode I thought was a better plot driven one, yet felt very confused about who was doing what (cybercafe, guy looking for Sarah, showing up at her house, etc.) but while the end was effective I was more concerned about why the T88 let the FBI agent live. That does not bode well with me.....
Re: **Spoilery***
There was some wonky editing in the finale. I got confused as to what was going on a couple of times. For instance, before the commercial they are in the museum and after the commercial Cameron is stuffing a body in the trunk of the car.

The only reason I can think of for Ellison not being terminated is that he plays a role in the success of Skynet. Not sure how. Maybe he arrested someone in the future who could have prevented Skynet from going online? But the future is changing and he's starting to believe Sarah's story so maybe he doesn't do whatever he did.
I hate them trying to do humor with Cromarty. It's like they're searching for the next "I'll be back." But they're destined to fail miserably. So it comes off as really stupid. Why would a T talk to a dead guy and thank him for being helpful? The stupidity of the humor attempt was even exacerbated by Cameron being clear that she didn't consider dead people human in the same ep.

Loved the "wall is faster" (the good t should be the funny one) and Reese cutting the hostage situation short.

The one shoe that I'm waiting for to drop comes from T2: Sarah said that of all the dads, Arnold-bot was the best, he'd never leave john or disappoint him, never hurt him. Derek doesn't understand that the John he knew didn't grow up with a T for a best friend. I think that's where the inevitable betrayal will happen. If the show is renewed and lasts two or three years, John brokering some sort of truce really seems to be the only option, given his expanded loyalties. Probably with the excuse that all the time travel that keeps and will keep going on is destablizing one thing or another.
The thing about Arnie is while he may not have been the best actor he definitely had charisma and presence in that role. The guy playing Cromarty doesn't have any personality so the attempts at humor are falling flat. Summer has kind of a goofy look about her and some great line delivery so she can make a line funny even if it really isn't that funny. I think back to her "I swallowed a bug" in Serenity.

I teared up in the park seen too.

Call me crazy, but soon after Derek showed up I've had the growing impression that he and Cameron were in some sort of relationship back in the future. I know, I know, what am I thinking? It makes no sense; his hate and distrust of the machines runs too deep. Maybe that's why, or at least partly why, I'm expecting such a twist out of left field. But there's been the occasional cryptic hint too - remarks Cameron has made about knowing Derek in the, I think at one point, after he says to her with much sneer and contempt, (paraphrasing) "I know what you are," and she replies (paraphrasing again) "I know you too." Also, there are those remarks to John about how some model of the robots (don't remember what they're called) is like an ultra delux version with the capacity to emote appropriately (sorry - can't remember how she put it). She also said at one point that the "robots" memories are wiped each time they are reassigned, suggesting something in a past assignment that she doesn't recall has some bearing on what happened in the future.

Whether or not any of this plays out in the future, I think SG is doing a great job with her character. She's really found a convincing balance in playing a machine pretending to pass as human. Apart from the park and swimming pool scenes already mentioned, I was especially struck by the scene where John removes the chip from her skull at her impassive direction.
Hmmm, that is an interesting thought about a relationship between Derek Cameron. Maybe he got duped by Cameron prior to her reprogramming. Or maybe there was another Cameron model, one in the basement with him perhaps, who pretended to be human, got close to him, and obtained information from him that led to the destruction of his camp and the deaths of so many. It's definitely something to think about!

FOX was pushing a cliffhanger ending, but if it's Cameron blowing up...Pfft! It's going to take some work to patch her up, but we know she'll be fine eventually.

I was actually a little relieved by the non-heartstopping nature of the cliffhanger, since we don't know yet whether there will be any more show.

I did think at the end of the episode that of it was the last episode ever it wouldn't be the worst way to end the show.

Btw, the ratings actually were up this week so ::crosses fingers::