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Tuesday TV

How can anyone think 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' is a good song choice? Please let Luke be saying goodbye this week.

I'm still not sure about his hair, but Jason is growing on me more each week. He seems very sweet. And his version of 'Hallelujah' was pretty decent.

Michael, yes, you made me love you more. I never felt he thought he would win this competition or that he even wanted to win and he came right out and stated his goal was to show everyone what kind of performer he is regardless of how he does in the competition. Good looking, talented, seems like a nice guy, and is honest. Like Simon, I just really like him.

I really liked Nikolaj. The rest of the show, not so much. John came off as a less angsty hybrid of Angel and Duncan McLeod. The procedural stuff fell flat compared to an average episode of L&O. The plot was incredibly convoluted. And is he trying to hide his immortality or not? Almost every other line out of his mouth referenced his very long history. Unless the writing gets a lot better in the coming weeks, this won't be around long.
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Angel + Duncon Mcloed = *mind explodes*

I didn't see the show, and with a description like that I'm not sure I want to (though the potential amusement factor could tip the scale in its favor...)
I really liked the main character. I do think that he's so open about his true age, that everyone thinks he's either insane or kidding them, so no one takes him serious about it.
Yeah, it was obvious that no one takes him seriously, but I still question being that open about it. And there seemed to be pictures of him everywhere. At some point people should at least be going, "WTF?" ;)
The lead is really good looking *and* can act so you may want to check it out for just that reason. The story was rather a mess. Maybe they'll get their act together in future episodes. I seldom write of a show based on the pilot....unless it's Flash Gordon. ::shudders::
I haven't watched New Amsterdam yet, so I stopped reading after your AI comments...
Can I just say, I'm really disappointed in AI this year. After all the blustering about "the best contestants EVAH!!!!" - I'm finding myself more and more aggravated every episode. Most of them are pretty average. And the song choices are just pathetic. And I swear I might punch right through my TV if I have to look at Jessica Alba Danny Noriega ANY MORE! Did you see this:

And I didn't think I could like him any less. Apparently, YES!, I can! He's just so frakin' full of himself. Do you notice that even Ryan seemed to be annoyed with him last night? And, I'm sorry, but he's about one step from being the next Boy George.
I liked Nikolaj too, and I liked the lead actor. I just hope for their sakes that the writing improves.
And is he trying to hide his immortality or not? Almost every other line out of his mouth referenced his very long history.

I think he's... taunting people with it and hoping they will guess? I don't know, but it doesn't make a lot of sense.