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I Knew I'd Have a Use for This Icon!

Let's start with a little good news. I LOVE YOU AMERICA! I probably would have sent the other blonde girl packing instead, but, besides that, I am so, so happy with the results, especially with Danny getting kicked to the curb. Not so cocky now are you, Danny? To make the moment sweeter is that Chikeze (sp?) seemed to genuinely believe he was going home. I'm sure they'll be some WTF? eliminations in the weeks ahead, but for a brief, shinning moment, sanity prevailed.

While I was glad Amanda made it through, why can't she smile? She's trying to cultivate this tough rock chick persona, yet she looks petrified every time she has to face the judges or Ryan. I hate cocky, but I want to see some self-confidence.

I was prepared to rant about New Amsterdam, but the show isn't worth my time to list the many, many ways in which it's so very, very bad. I was sorely tempted to turn it off, but stuck with it to watch Anastasia Griffith who I felt gave the strongest performance of anyone on the show. She's the lucky one too since she has Damages to go back to.

I have tomorrow off which is a particularly good thing considering the week I've had. People at work have been working my last nerve and today I got to pay for $250 dollars in car repair thanks to a giant hole in the road. I refuse to call it a pothole, it would not do it justice. I'm actually pretty good at dodging the damn things accept when it's at night and a van with a trailer behind it decides to block one lane entirely and half of another and just as you get around it you see the big ass hole in the road. The kicker? This happened Monday and today I drive down the same stretch of road and the hole has been filled. :/
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Sorry I remember when you had the hubcap incident a while ago with the little sibling of this crater.

Enjoy the day off!
I hate everything but the actors who I feel are better than the material. The story is incredibly convoluted. The basic premise doesn't even make sense - he saves the Native American woman and as a reward they curse him. I say curse, because I don't know how watching your wives and children die over the course of four centuries could be considered a gift. I liked the idea of Omar being a friend in confidant, but then they had to go and make him his son. I see no familial affection between them whatsoever. And there is the constant hints he drops about his immortality which just gets tiresome. Oh, and then there is the soul mate crap. Without AI as a lead in I'm waiting for this to crash and burn.
Um, so I shouldn't bother with New Amsterdam, then, and go back to my Highlander rewatch?

OMG, the potholes this year. Strutkillers, that's what they should be called.
NA lost three million viewers between the premiere and the second episode and it won't have AI as a lead in come Monday so I wouldn't waste my time. I do know people who like the show, but it just makes no sense to me. The thing about Highlander is that it was an issue that Duncan outlived everyone he loved. Here, the guy has buried wives and children and just seems to go one without it having any effect on him. He really doesn't seem to care about anything so why should I care about him?