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The New Lee Adama Promo

Normally, I wouldn't make a big deal out of new promos running on SciFi, even if it's a Lee promo, other than to post a link to where to find the clips. But I've watched this 20 second clip six times now because I think it's a pretty damn huge moment.

And the direct link: HERE.

"If my brother had climbed out of that cockpit, would it matter if he were a Cylon?"

There are several things that struck me about this clip. First, that they are bringing Zak up again. It's nice that the remember the guy, since he played such an important role in the mini series and early Season 1. That he's brought up in the context of 'What if he was a Cylon?' makes me wonder if it's foreshadowing to something to come. But, most significantly, Lee, who has been so adamant in his hatred of the Cylons, they are nothing but machines to him, is acknowledging that if it were Zak to suddenly return from the dead and it's because he's a Cylon he wouldn't necessarily care, he'd have his brother back. And it's telling us that if Kara is proved to be a Cylon, then he will accept her because it's Kara, someone he loves. So now he's making exceptions to his unwavering belief that Cylons aren't people, aren't individuals. Wouldn't the next step be understanding Helo's feelings for Sharon? Will he start looking at Caprica Six differently?

I also noticed he's saying this to Laura. (Side note: YAY! They're talking!) Showing her that his feelings may be changing may be important for one of two reasons. If Laura were to be the final Cylon, it could signal a willingness to stand by her as he has done in the past. Or this new belief could lead to further antagonism. If he's to play a role in her government, one that advocates airlocking Cylons, he could be a thorn in her side...again.

Whatever happens this season, I suspect I might be loving Lee Adama even more. ;)
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