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Celebrity Jedi Chefs

OK, I had seen a few of the photos before, but sal101010 linked on my last post the complete Celebrity Jedi Chefs gallery from the various Wolf conventions over the years. There are a *lot* of photos that cover many fandoms - BSG, Stargate, Buffy, B5, Firefly and the list goes on. Some great group shots are at the bottom of the page. A few actor pages I clicked on:

Jamie Bamber
Aaron Douglas - a lot of photos!
Tahmoh Penikett - who really got into it.
Kandyse McClure - who makes a very cute jedi.
Terry Rothery - for pellucid. ;)
Nathan Fillion - a very believable jedi stance.
Alan Tudyk - who never fails to crack me up. :)
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I don't get it. How weird. Chefs?

"who makes a very cute jedi."

She pulled it off in a couple of shots there, which is no mean feat.

I'm kind of curious as to how the chef thing got started myself. Maybe someone more familiar with the Wolf conventions can enlighten us. It does make for funny photos though!
If I might jump in, here via friends of friends?

I've gone to a lot of Wolf cons, but am not a Jedi Chef... near as I can remember though, at one convention, I think SG7, someone came as a Jedi Chef for the fancy dress, as a joke entry. His mates thought that this was a great idea, and by the time of the next convention (the first Alias convention, circa July 04) there were a group of them (this is the first time I remember seeing them, particularly them walking through the bar, and hearing Brian the Organiser saying "If the Chefs are here then the party can begin!") It then expanded to where more and more people began dressing up like them, borrowing other people's robes and having their pictures taken, and at one con (Wolf 10th Anniversary I think?), Neil (one of the chefs)decided to get his photographs taken with the guests all dressed up and got them to dress up also became a thing at the parties, the guests would see the other attendees borrowing robes and being silly and they'd like to get in on the act too. (Some needed less encouragement than others; I believe Sam Witwer had to be talked into giving the costume back!)

In any case, these are my scattered observations and memories on the origins of the Chefs, and I apologise if I've got any of my facts wrong!
Looked through the rest: I have to say, I like it best when there's only one photo. When there's a bunch of chaff ones, there's too many unflattering ones, and that's kind of rude to post. Plus, when there's only one neat picture it has more in your face impact, you're not immediately scrolling down.

I think Armin Shimmerman made me smile the most.

I wish the Hewlitts were together, that would have been nice.
I wonder if some people were more willing to have their picture taken. ;) It seems like most people have one or two photos, and a few have *a lot*.
well, if it were me, I'd want them to take lots and lots of pictures and only use the best one. I figure actors deserve the same respect.
That Alan Tudyk picture cracks me up... I'm looking forward to seeing him at Star Fury :D

Did you see the Jedi Chef pics of Nikki Clyne?
Just looked at the pics of Nikki. She's pretty cute too.

Alan Tudyk is probably one of the funniest people I have seen at a con. I really hope he doesn't have to cancel for any reason so you get a chance to see him in action. Too bad the actors aren't bringing their own photos. At DC he had one from each significant role of his and whichever photo you picked he would sign it with a line from the movie. He said after awhile he got a bit loopy and started to put the wrong quotes on the photos. :p