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Stargate: The Ark of Truth

Last night I watched The Ark of Truth along with danceswithwords and 50mm thanks to the magic of the internet. Since then I've been struggling to come up with something to say about the film with little luck. So I'll just direct you to danceswithwords's post and pellucid's post on the subject since they summed up as well as I could, if not better, my feelings on the film. To sum up, I think we all enjoyed it to an extent, but it simply felt like a two hour episode that concentrated on an overly complicated plot rather than the characters and their interaction which is why we tuned in every week.

I was going to wait until early next week to post about this, but since the news is spreading, the cast of BSG will be appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, March 19th to present 'The Top Ten Reasons You Should Watch Battlestar Galactica. Thus far we have confirmation that EJO, Jamie, James, and Aaron will be there. Michael Hogan and Lucy Lawless will be in New York (along with EJO) to do video Q&A's for SciFi so I think it's likely they will be on the show. And it's hard to imagine Mary, Katee, Grace, Tahmoh, and Tricia not being there unless they have a prior commitment. BSG getting some major promotion? Who'd of thunk it?
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I felt bad about downloading so I decided to wait for netflix to get me stargate. I think it's going to be a long wait; they probably only have like three copies.

The comments are funny though, since the official story on Ark of Truh is that "we took the time to make it more character driven, more like a movie: this means we get to spend a whole minute on daniel brushing dust off some artifact."

Yup, character driven.
Come to think of it, Daniel did spend a minute brushing dust off an artifact until Vala got impatient with him. ;)

There were a few cute character moments and Teal'c had one really good scene, but it was definitely plot heavy and one hell of a convoluted plot at that. If Apophis had been brought back from the dead I wouldn't have been shocked.
They never gave a definite time frame. My sense in the beginning was that this took place before Sam was transferred to Atlantis, but another character, Cam or Daniel maybe, makes a reference to Woolsey being busy with Atlantis and he's to take over from Sam next season.

Teal's has his 'Unending' hair - short with the white streak in it. Which, again, would lead me to believe this took place before Sam's reassignment.

::is confused now::