I'm not really sure. Originally, I thought it was to be a sequel, but the trailer makes it look more like a reboot.
My softball team kept getting moved here and there last summer ("okay, you can play on this side of the field for the next hour, and they you have to move over there. And we might tell you to move before then") to be out of the way of the filming of this movie, so I suppose I might have to see it just to be on the lookout for softballs in the background. Plus "filmed in Toronto" stuff is always just fun anyway. I did not see Edward Norton, though--sadly.
Now when I see the movie I can shout out, "I know someone who played on that field!"
If it's even recognizable, it won't look like a softball field--just an open green space in the middle of campus. But they used U of T as the set for the university in the film, so I suspect I, at least, will recognize quite a bit of the scenery. I'm not sure that's enough to make me pay full price to see the thing, but it might be worth a DVD rental, anyway!
Jeebus. Yet another fresh concept for a movie.

Can someone please have an original thought?
I'm all for rehashes if they are done well. And star Edward Norton...or Ryan Gosling...or Hugh Jackman...or Jamie Bamber...or Robert Downey...
I think Ed actually has a shot at salvaging this franchise. And it can't possibly be worse then it's predecessor.
I am so there with bells on.

Also? As an aside, I am working on coming to see you next month. You know when. It all depends on this roommate thing.