Asta 2

The Top Ten List as Read by the Cast of BSG

OK, the editing felt odd and I don't think it was just because I was aware that Dave's bits and the cast's bits were taped on different days, but, putting that aside, HEE! I thought Katee nailed her line and Mary and EJO got the best ones. Bless the writers, they gave Jamie the longest reason and I love how he started out with the American accent and then fell into his own voice. It would have been nice if someone on the staff fact checked though. Captain Lee Adama? Diana instead of D'Anna. At least Six was number six.

In related news, while I will never abandon the Lee/Laura ship, seeing all of those photos of Jamie and Tricia together from the SciFi Upfront...well, I wouldn't mind a little more Lee/Six interaction this season. ;)
Oh, I hadn't noticed the Six=6 thing!

Bless his heart, Jamie did his best with one hell of a line. Gotta love the LS writers for working the vocabulary porn! (I must make that icon.) And I giggled at how he almost sounded Australian there at the end. ;)
The top ten list was actually more clever than I thought it would be. The only line that made me cringe James got stuck with and he seemed to realize how lame it was.

I'm still trying to figure out why Nikki was in New York. She wasn't included in the taping or in the upfronts.
I've got a day off today, so I'm slowly catching up. I've not watched Letterman in years, not since I was working late nights as a student... I don't think he's as funny as he thinks he is :P

My first impression of the top 10 is that it wasn't as funny as it could've been. It felt a lot like something you look at in text and think "oh, that's quite amusing" but which doesn't work so well when read out. I think some of the actors sold their lines better than others - but then I think Michael Hogan is great ;) Grace's line came across well to me, too...

It was a little weird to see Starbuck on Letterman. I'm too used to seeing Katee as Katee outside the series environment ;) But I think you're right, MM & EJO had the best line. Is it sad that I heard Tricia's line and felt rather sad that actually, with all the good character work she's done, it's true that about the only thing you can count on is that they'll have her naked as often as possible?
Heh, there may have been yelling at the screen, "She's Agathon, not Valeri!!"