The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

The Top Ten List as Read by the Cast of BSG

OK, the editing felt odd and I don't think it was just because I was aware that Dave's bits and the cast's bits were taped on different days, but, putting that aside, HEE! I thought Katee nailed her line and Mary and EJO got the best ones. Bless the writers, they gave Jamie the longest reason and I love how he started out with the American accent and then fell into his own voice. It would have been nice if someone on the staff fact checked though. Captain Lee Adama? Diana instead of D'Anna. At least Six was number six.

In related news, while I will never abandon the Lee/Laura ship, seeing all of those photos of Jamie and Tricia together from the SciFi Upfront...well, I wouldn't mind a little more Lee/Six interaction this season. ;)
Tags: battlestar galactica

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