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"Well, That Was Fraking Close."

I just watched Tricia, Katee, and Jamie on VH1's Best Week Ever and....FUNNY! Better than the Top Ten, imho. (FYI, it repeats at 11est if you missed it.) The subject line is courtesy of Jamie. He says it as he flees the interview after the comedian/interviewer asks if he can go clubbing with them. Honestly, his mock wide eyed/horrified reaction at being asked by this guy if he could hang out with him reminded me just a wee bit of reactions I've seen at cons. ;) My second favorite moment belonged to Katee (who, as always, has some of the best facial reactions) stating she wouldn't bad mouth nerds. Hee.

In other BSG news, SciFi is running new promos tonight. I had just woken up from a nap when I caught the new Kara promo. Kara Trace: Agitator or Angel? Seriously SciFi? Seriously??? The monkeys must have been let lose in the promo department again.

ETA: Gaius Baltar: Pariah or Profit? I'm fearing what they've come up with for Lee now.
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