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The Pre-Vacation Scramble Post

Tomorrow I am off for a week, A WEEK!, to San Francisco, Seattle, with a side trip to Monterey thrown in. I will be seeing many friends, some for the first time in person, many interesting and gorgeous places, and the weather will be in the 60's!!! This is very exciting to me, especially since we got hit with a snow storm yesterday. Sigh. The sun looks to be out today and the weather is suppose to be OK tomorrow so I'm not terribly worried about flying out of here. I'm more worried about all the crap I have to do today.

Yesterday there was suppose to be some sort of LJ boycott. I have a vague idea of what it was about, but, sorry there is too much BSG stuff going on! I had to post!

Speaking of, the Best Week Ever spot has been posted to YouTube courtesy of ServerTB. Here's the direct link.

Happy Birthday! to lynnb. I hope your city has managed to dig out of the snow and you can enjoy the day. :)

OK, I'm sure I'm missing something I wanted to say. I'm sure I'll be back later. As much stuff as I have to do I can't stay offline all day!

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