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Clime Every Mountain My Ass

DO NOT listen to danceswithwords. She did, in fact, try to kill me today. She lives in San Francisco. She's a runner. I live in a very flat state and never exercise. I was trusting her to guide me. A nice little trek through Muir Woods turned into an attempt to make me headlines on the evening news. And I don't care what anyone says it was a mountain, not a hill. At least I can cross off one more thing to do before I die...which I almost did.
It is, of course, difficult to know who to believe in a case like this, but I'm inclined to side with you in this situation, Asta. I don't know why DWW would try to kill you; I'm sure she has her reasons, I only know that taking a non-excercising flat-stater on a hike in San Francisco sounds like attempted murder to me. You might want to be careful about accepting food and drink from her this week.
THANK YOU! I knew there was a reason I liked you. :) And I'm trying to talk her out of cooking tonight.
This sounds like the death marches my friend and his family (you know the actor from the Scaper group) put me through at least once a year. head over there for some event, and next thing I'm in the car on a woods hike off the trail in shorts and flipflops

Actually they were more like sandals, but flip-flop sounded better in this election year.
I understand your pain omg! :D The west coast definition of hill is somewhat different that the east coast (or midwest) definition. Hee!
Your name may have come up as we were taking the 1 to the woods. Btw, she is currently hollering "Wimps!" from the kitchen.
When we were there on vacation, I walked those hills in heels - and got the worst case of shin splints I ever had. I don't know what I was thinking, being from "The Prairie State" and all.
San Francisco... that's the city in all the films where every road seems to be a succession of flat spaces long enough to get a car in, interspersed by vertical slopes, yes? I think she's trying to kill you. Make sure you check anything you drink by dipping something silver in it (most common poisons tarnish silver) and make sure you don't eat anything unless you've seen her try it first...
I must report that the idea of you panting up slopes while pleading for respite amuses me to no end. My compliments to your hostess. ;)