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Christian, James, and Me

Sadly, I am not referring to a threesome....

I think I'm going through one of my mini-depressions. I'm going to NY on Sunday and I should be excited, right? I just don't seem to be as enthusiatic as I should. Maybe my job finally did suck the life out of me. I'm more convinced than ever I need to do something to shake me out of my mundane, mind-numbing existence. Hopefully, when I get back, I'll feel rejuvenated enough to tackle all these projects and ideas running through my addled brain. I know in the back of my mind you just can't sit around and wait for things to happen, you have to make them happen.

OK, I posted this link a week or so back, but I must post again and tell you to go Here now and order the CD Kane featuring my new beloved, Christian Kane.

I think I can some up my reaction to hearing this CD as "Oh...My...God". I was immediately blown away. And not only by his voice, but his musicianship and songwriting abilities as well. This is not the work of an actor in a vanity project. As much as I love James, the GotR album is a joke compared to this. I'm shocked Christian doesn't have a recording contract, this album sounds like a major label release. And someone explain to me why Kane only cost $9.99 and Mad Brilliant more than twice that???

Now, on a positive note about James, lynnb forward me this link to whimsicalnotion's journal in which he/she announces that Venetian Heat is back on! Woo and Hoo!!! It sounds as if it's being rushed into production to ensure financing is not lost again, but it is being made and with James. Hope ME didn't start rewriting any scripts just yet. ;)

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