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I'm Home!

Yes, I am home, safe and reasonably sound. My mother set a new record for stressing me out after getting off the plane. Suffice it to say, instead of spoiling my squee/relaxed state I told her we'd talk later and left her house asap.

I'll have a much more detailed post about the weeks events sometime this week. It has to be this week since OMG, NEW BSG FRIDAY! And you know how my weekend will be spent. ;) I'll also try and catch up on any emails and comments I didn't have time to get to this past week. For now, I'll just say San Francisco was gorgeous and fabulous (accept for the Hike of Death danceswithwords took me on) and bitchinparty was awesome, of course. (Though I did mock all the people complaining about the 1/8 of inch of snow that fell. Wimps! :p) brynnmck is a master con coordinator her first time out. :) Sadly, I only had time to hang out for waffles this morning and missed the days con events. Stoopid long flight and having to work tomorrow.

Now I'm going to try and sleep though my body seems to have finally adjusted to west coast time. Sigh.
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