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Color Me Shocked

According to the Televisionary, Ioan Gruffudd is doing a pilot for CBS.

Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four) will play the male lead in the CBS drama pilot The Meant to Be's, from Glenn Gordon Caron, opposite Amy Smart. He'll play The Man, a sort of purgatory-based guide and mentor to Smart's character, a bitchy art dealer who is murdered hours after her wedding and discovers that she has been sent back to Earth as a Meant-to-Be, a sort of angel-type who pushes people into the right directions. Sort of like Della Reese with a flashier wardrobe.

Huh. I thought he was concentrating on feature film work. Maybe if it gets picked up there is a guest starring role for Jamie. ;-)

And I think someone on my Flist lamented Freakazoid! not being available on DVD recently. Well, it's coming.
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I'm a bit shocked myself. But good for him! I know I wouldn't mind seeing a Ioan/Jamie reunion :) to my ears.

I just hope it's better than it sounds. CBS is not exactly known for it's least to me.