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I am slowly writing up a vacation/con post. It may or may not be up this week. It depends on how much of my brain the BSG season premiere eats up. :)

Speaking of BSG, credit to lizardbeth_j for spotting on the updated (Finally!) BSG site at that the Gallery Page appears to be updated with pics through episode 10. That's an estimate on my part given what spoilage I know, which, honestly, there isn't a lot of spoilage out there to know. Though I would say some of the pictures are no more than slightly spoilerish (and that opinion may be colored by my pre-existing knowledge), lizardbeth_j has posted some non-spoilery pics here (Really nice shot of Helo) and wisteria_ has posted some here. I debated if the one of Baltar could be considered spoilery, but it's very much in keeping with what we know of him. ;)

I started my rewatch of Season 3. I don't know how many eps I can actually watch before Friday. I am skipping the standalone ups and will probably fast-forward through parts of others. What observations I've made thus far I'll probably post later tonight or tomorrow. I did have a thought about Helo's fate which isn't entirely based on what I'm seeing on the show, but is also influenced by what I know of Tahmoh's future commitments.

BSG is set to wrap production in June. Dollhouse is set to begin production in the spring. Granted, more than one series has accommodated an actor who has been cast in a movie or another series. And Ron, to my knowledge, has made every effort in the past to allow the actors time off to do other work or, in Jamie's case, be there for the birth children. ;) On the flip side, maybe there is no need to make adjustments because Helo doesn't survive until the end of the series. Tahmoh was one of the first on the show to state that there would be a high body count this season. Perhaps he knows Helo will be one of those characters to die. Helo has already lived far longer than he should have. Our last shot of him was to be on Caprica as Boomer flies the raptor away. And I have to admit it would be an interesting turn in the story if Athena, after sacrificing so much to be with the man she loves, ends up losing him before they reach earth. It would also be a hard loss for the audience, yet his death I don't think would be an impediment to the success of the fleets journey. It's just a thought I had. I look at the group photos and think who among them will die. Laura, as hard as it will be for me to watch, I think is a given with the reoccurrence of her cancer. Baltar might gain some redemption by sacrificing himself for humankind. And one of the final four will probably die, just because. But it's a safe bet some characters we love will not live until the end and it seems Helo is pretty loved.

NBC decided to do their upfronts today weeks ahead of the other networks. No huge surprises other than Scrubs appears to be heading to ABC. I'm not sure how that is a great programming move on ABC's part, but, whatever. Life is moving to Fridays at 10. I'm not thrilled with that move. And Donal Logue is the new police captain. What does that mean for Lt Davis? And Friday Night Lights will air in the fall on DirectTV and in the winter on NBC. This may be the push I need to investigate the possibility of switching from Comcast to Direct. For The Office fans there will be 28 episodes produced. None of the new shows (all four of them!) sound particularly exciting to me.

On Hulu I've been watching, or listening to since I'm doing this at work, the first season of Murder One. In some ways I find the show fascinating, in other ways I can see why it didn't last. Ted Hoffman is the type of attorney every client would want to have and doesn't actually exist. I also have some serious issues with how the female characters are portrayed. And today, as I was finishing up Chapter 20 (there are 23 episodes in Season 1) I found myself shipping Neal and Chris. Remember when I never saw the slash? NEVER. I blame you all!
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