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BSG Season 3 Thoughts

As usual, I am very late in posting, but if I don’t get these thoughts up now, with the premiere hours away (EEP!), I never will.


• I think Leoben does love Kara, he just doesn't know how to love. Caprica and Boomer both had years to live among humans and begin to comprehend what it means to love. Athena wasn't with Helo for very long before she fell in love with him, but she knew of his feelings for her, or Boomer to be precise, and she learned from the Boomer’s knowledge and experience. Leoben had a general knowledge of Kara before meeting her, but there is no evidence that he had prior extended contact with humans. So while his love for Kara can be perceived as disturbing by her and us, he isn’t able to see it that way. It would be fascinating if, by the end of the series, Leoben were to learn what it means to truly love someone and if he loved Kara enough to realize he has to let her go.

• Watching Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders largely run the resistance themselves is fascinating on second viewing. It’s also interesting to note that without Gaeta's assistance they wouldn't have reestablished contact with the fleet. He contributed as much as anyone to the resistEnce *and* was by Baltar's side throughout. The fifth Cylon perhaps?

• I Still hate the Kacey storyline. It’s cloying. And while I can, possibly, envision Kara becoming a mother someday and find it natural that she would react in a concerned manner to a child being hurt, especially as a result of her neglect, I don’t see her going into full on mother mode in less than a day. Much like Fat Lee it seems like a cheap and simplistic way to telegraph what are the extremely fragile states of mind of two characters.


• Caprica caused the first act of Cylon on Cylon violence by bludgeoning D’Anna to death. This made me think of ‘This has all happened before and will happen again’. Cylons are beginning to destroy each other as humans are prone to do. Maybe it is the Cylons who will be wiped out, but future generations of humanity will convince themselves that they can fix their ancestors mistakes and create another race of artificial intelligence and, thus, the cycle will begin again.

• I can see why most of the deleted scenes were deleted. The deleted scene between Laura and Baltar I don’t feel adds anything to the main plot. However, it is interesting to watch Caprica eavesdropping on their conversation and see how hurt she is by Baltar’s dismissal of Cylon emotion and their ability to love. Watching her you hope that she comes to her senses and breaks free from him. It also helps to set up why she is able to go along with his later torture at D’Anna’s hands.

Exodus Pt 2

• Well, at least Cain’s ship went out in a blaze of glory! She’d be so proud. Sniff.

• Please, no fat jokes, but it really should have been Lee Adama they were lifting up and cheering. Had he not returned with the Pegasus they’d all be dead.


• Adama telling Tigh, “You’re embarrassing yourself Saul.” He sees that now, but not at Baltar’s trial?!

• Laura informs Zarek that everyone is entitled to a fair trial, that they all feel the need for justice and vengeance and that telling the difference between the two can be difficult at times. But in order to begin healing, she orders a general pardon for everyone in the fleet. Interesting that once Baltar was back in the picture the rules changed.

• Deleted scene between Kara and Sam: I’m glad this was cut because Sam informing Kara that they should be making decisions together, in this case about Kara reupping, when he’s looking for a way to get out of the war and she’s looking for a way to get back in it comes off as very controlling and, I think, out of character for Sam. There is a huge difference between, ‘I wish you had told me personally instead of hearing it from someone else’ and ‘You needed to consult with me about what you want to do with your life’ and it comes off as the latter.


• Tigh hears Ellen’s voice. Is this a hint as to his Cylon nature? Will he have a Head Ellen?

• Baltar suspects he’s a Cylon. Which makes me suspect he’s not. ;)

• I still hate the Cylon storyline on second viewing, but I’m finding Caprica’s arc more fascinating. My next big rewatch I’m going to be watching her more closely.

• Deleted scene: Hera’s is put in Sharon’s care and boy is she none too happy about it. Hee.

Measure of Salvation

• I think this ep takes the prize for wacky science. My science background is thin and even I get none of this makes sense!

• I really liked Lee being part of the execution squad and his willingness to get his hands dirty.

• Deleted scene: Six advocates the torture of Baltar. She knows she can’t hurt him emotionally, so she’ll seek revenge on him physically.

• Deleted scene between Leoben and Kara: This scene had some interesting interaction between the two but it went on for what seemed like forever and would have killed the pacing of the episode.

• Deleted scene of Kara provisionally reinstated: I recall a collective WTF? When we went from Kara being grounded in ‘Torn’ to suddenly being back in a viper here. After Adama lays out the plan to the pilots, Lee informs the group that whoever has been ground has been reinstated because they need as many birds in the air as possible to make their plan. While it would have been nice to have seen that what I hate about the scene is Kara wearing a cocky ‘I win again’ smile. Ugh. It just rubs me the wrong way. It’s not like they need her skill, just a body in a viper. And there is a rather awkward stare between her and Lee. On the flip side, a nice, wordless exchange is unfortunately lost between Adama and Sharon

The Passage

• I’m still confused by the food contamination. Can’t they clean the machinery?

Eye of Jupiter

• Chief states that carbon dating puts the temple at at least 4,000 yrs old which lines up with the exodus of the 13th tribe. Yet, I believe in a previous ep they said it was 3000 years ago. Sigh.

• Tyrol drawn to the temple. Clue to him being a Cylon?

• Baltar is growing increasingly weak and pathetic, I actually feel sorry for the guy. I’m still thinking he’ll do something before the end of the series to redeem himself, a bit.

• This isn’t a bad ep if you ignore the relationship angst. I enjoyed the humans and Cylons being at odds and battling each other intellectually as well physically.


• Lee says to Sam, “You’d make a good officer.” Heh. Just wait Lee!
• Poor Caprica, she’s been so loyal to Baltar and now she is squeezed out. Caprica helping Sharon reclaim Hera and abandoning her people for them makes sense to me. She’s been fascinated with the idea of the creation of life and motherhood since the mini.

• D’Anna knows what the final five look like. Perhaps they’ll need to unbox her to make some IDs?

• Deleted scene between Kara and Dee: Kara falls back to the “I’m a frak up” excuse for her almost affair with Lee. Dee wisely points out that Adama wouldn’t love Kara, respect her, if she was a loser. Dee calls Kara on her making excuses when she is, in fact, making choices. I think this scene could have tied in nicely with some points in ‘Maelstrom’.


• Unpopular opinion time, every time I watch this episode I like it less. The psychology doesn’t work at all for me and Kara’s faux reconciliation rings false. And Kara’s big fear has been facing death? Really? Where did that come from? Kara’s ‘death’ needed to happen in order to set up events in Season 4 so it feels as if they scrambled to come up with a plot that would lead Kara face her special destiny and lead her to her death. I ust don’t think it makes much sense.

I obviously skipped all the standalone eps, but even some of the arc related eps I wasn't particularly fond of. The season seemed to be working pretty well up through 'Torn' and then went off the rails until 'The Son Also Rises'.
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