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Battlestar: The Beginning of the End

I have to say this episode flew by which tells me they did a great job with editing and pacing. And the opening battle was spectacular, perhaps the best firefight I have seen on the show.

I kind of love, considering how maligned he can be, that Sam Anders saved the fleet. Hee. I’m not sure if it’s fate, destiny, or dumb luck, but if Kara had not vanished and Sam had not become a viper pilot and been there to be scanned then the fleet would have lost a hell of a lot more than it did. It also addressed something else. Boomer, Athena, and Caprica have been or are currently part of the fleet. The Cylons seem to have no issue in destroying them along with everyone else. However, they can download and be ‘reborn’. Since the entire Cylon fleet retreated after discovering Anders presence, it seems to prove that the final four are not only special in some way, but, apparently, are one of a kind.

Of course, the question must be asked, why wasn’t Anders ID on New Caprica? Why wasn’t Tigh ID previously in his forty years of service? Was something activated in them the closer they get to earth? Or is the reason they are still alive because they have, in fact, been recognized before?

Baltar is being hidden on Galactica. This doesn’t seem to be the best idea. Nor does taking him to a public restroom where anyone can see him. And in a fleet short on habitable space would Galactica have an unused section of the ship? These are just the small problems with this storyline. I’m still rather confused as to why Baltar is worshiped as a god or the god and why it seems to be mostly women who view him this way. I mentioned to danceswithwords that the scene in which the young woman offers herself to Baltar was slightly ookey, to which she responded, "Slightly?" Heh. Perhaps the goal of these women is to become pregnant by Baltar, to give birth to the son or daughter of god. While I’m uncertain I’d be thrilled with that element to the story, at least it makes it more than some guy's fantasy. The main problem is that we know nothing about this group, their beliefs or intentions, just that they worship Baltar amongst unused Christmas decorations.

As always, Baltar fascinates and infuriates. His praying for the child and his willingness to sacrifice his life for another seemed sincere to me. Yet, the moment the child recovers, the old Baltar ego resurfaces. Will he believe truly himself to be a god? Will he continue just to play along in an act of self-preservation? Or will he learn something on this new journey he is on and actually become a better person?

I spent most of the episode going, “Oh, Kara.” I knew Kara was going to come back different, Katee has hinted at that in interviews, and it makes sense to me that she shouldn’t be the same Kara. But so much of her behavior left me perplexed. I actually thought she was a bit bitchy at the beginning of the episode. If everyone you know tells you that they witnessed your death and you’ve been gone two months you cannot keep insisting you’ve only been gone a few hours. (Not to mention, did she look in a mirror? Her hair grew! ;) I do understand she was confused and scared and didn’t want to face the implications of what they were saying, but her anger at them was becoming annoying.

The big head scratcher was her plan to go after Laura Roslin with a gun. Why would she think attacking the president would get anyone to listen to her? At worst, she confirms their worst fears about her. At best, she’s coming off as psychotic, damaged by whatever she went through, and not to be trusted.

For the first time in quite some time, I actually liked Adama. He made reasonable choices. He even compromised, allowing Kara to walk around the ship under guard rather than throw her immediately into the brig. He wants to believe her, but he can’t, experience has taught him that. And I was immensely happy that he did not decide to follow Kara’s feeling. Given some of the plotting last year, I was worried. I think Kara had a bit of a spoiled child moment in asking Adama to put aside everything he knows to just follow this feeling she had. We’ve had three years of Kara’s plans and prowess saving the fleet and because of that I think she had an expectation that they’d just believe what she has to telling them. But there is a difference between instinct honed from experience and expertise and a feeling based on absolutely nothing. Kara could have been brainwashed. Those photos could be fakes. And she could be leading them all into a Cylon trap.

I’m not exactly sure why Lee was involved in the investigation, for lack of a better term. He did witness Kara’s ‘death’ first hand, but he is no longer in the military. Oh, well. ::hand wave::

marenfic commented that she was skeptical about the good terms between Lee and Adama. After all, the trial had just ended days before and prior to that Adama had questioned Lee’s integrity, something that would seem to be hard to just let go of. She makes a good point. While an actual apology would have been nice, Adama thanking Lee for jumping back into a viper and offering him his commission back I believe is as close as we will ever get to an apology from Adama. And Lee, I believe, has just come to accept that this is the way things are between them. In some ways it is probably healthy for him to do so.

I’ve been waiting for Lee to move from the military to a position in the government since early Season 1, but it’s important that Lee share with Adama that he’s felt the need to move on for some time now. This was a very understated moment between the two men, but it was also a huge moment between them. For years, Lee has made a choice to suppress his feelings and personal goals. He has a strong sense of duty and honor and he would never just abandon his command. As he said, he may have resigned for the wrong reasons - anger at his father - but it provided him with the opportunity to participate in the trial and see that perhaps he could be of even greater service to the fleet in another capacity. He’s saw that the dreams he had were still possibilities and that maybe he is able to serve the remnants of humanity better, make even more of a difference, if he moves beyond expectation.

And I really love that Adama just listens to Lee here. I’m sure it’s not what he wants to hear, but when has he ever just let Lee talk and share his feelings without interruption or opinion? He’s finally accepting that the Lee Adama he has so long chosen to see is not, in fact, the man before him.

Lee’s remark about if it were Zak that climbed out of the cockpit I discussed here several weeks ago when a bit of the scene aired in a promo. Here’s the most relevant part of my comments:

But, most significantly, Lee, who has been so adamant in his hatred of the Cylons, they are nothing but machines to him, is acknowledging that if it were Zak to suddenly return from the dead and it's because he's a Cylon he wouldn't necessarily care, he'd have his brother back. And it's telling us that if Kara is proved to be a Cylon, then he will accept her because it's Kara, someone he loves. So now he's making exceptions to his unwavering belief that Cylons aren't people, aren't individuals. Wouldn't the next step be understanding Helo's feelings for Sharon? Will he start looking at Caprica Six differently?

Watching the full scene, something hit me. Every other time Lee has talked about the Cylons, you saw his anger at them and the hatred for them. It’s understandable given the circumstances. Now there was almost a sense of...hope? I’m not sure that’s the right word. But if Kara being a Cylon or Zak being a Cylon meant he could have these people back in his life he’d accept them and, by extension, their race. And Lee is going to be part of the government now. This could get very interesting.

There was, for me, one odd moment in the exchange between Lee and Adama. It's when Lee asks if Laura was still staying in Adama's quarters? I don't know if the writers were throwing something out there for the A/R shippers, but Laura has stayed in Adama's quarters numerous time before so I don't see how this was any big revelation. And given she's in the middle of a Diloxin treatment and looked ill at the end of the ep, I'd guess there is nothing going on between them, at least at the moment. Through my L/L shipper glasses my immediate reaction was, "Wow. Lee cares!" Yet, I still think it's odd that he brought it up. On the other hand, it helps me with fic. ;)

I’m curious to see how much infighting goes on between the four. Poor Tigh is deep into rationalization. It makes sense since he’s believed himself to be a human longer than any of them, fought against the Cylons in two wars, and killed his wife for being a traitor to humanity. Tyrol seems to want to get to the truth of who they are and why they are there. Sam seems to want to reach out to Kara, though her “bullet between your eyes” comment may make him rethink that. Given her experiences with Leoben, I can’t exactly fault her attitude. I’m not sure how Tory fits into this all yet.

I have to say, I could have done without the constant reminders that four Cylons are now among them and OMG! They could betray the fleet! Every time Laura or Adama brought up the Cylons and the possibility there could be more sleeper agents among them the darting eyes of the four could have induced motion sickness. ;p

I just remembered I have to start listening to podcasts again.

::checks site::

::not up yet::

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