The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Weekend Wrap Up

I know you're all as heartbroken as I am, but this weeks BSG podcast has been delayed. Yes, Ron only had months to work on it, but apparently he was busy. He hopes to have it up later this week. Wheeeee?

I just rewatched this weeks BSG and a few (brief!) thoughts.

sarmoti just mentioned this in her post too. What the hell is Helo's current position in the fleet? I've lost track! If he's the CAG then he should have been in the air with the rest of the pilots. If he's the XO then why is Adama asking Tigh to carry out orders?

The blood splatter on Kara's viper is really dumb. Especially since we've never seen blood on a viper before.

I'm glad the Circle Ship didn't get blown up. Other than Galactica and Colonial One it's the only one I can recognize on site.

Either Adama and Laura got married recently or Mary forgot to take off her wedding ring. I noticed it in the scene by Kara's viper.

For those who know me, know that I lost total respect for George Lucas the day The Phantom Menace opened. As bad as I thought that was, apparently George has OK'd two hour 'Star Wars' themed 'Deal or No Deal'. Sigh.

sdwolfpup SciFi is showing Dinotopia next Sunday at 5pm. ;)

I checked the Dragon*Con site earlier and James Marsters has been added. As has Robert Picardo! (danceswithwords will get why that is so exciting. ;)

HAPPY (slightly late) BIRTHDAY! to jonesiexxx and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! to marcee12. Hope you two awesome ladies had awesome days. :)

I finally did my taxes! WOO! Now I just need to copy and mail them. I have to cut a check to the city for $1. Seriously, they can't write that off?
Tags: battlestar galactica s4
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