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Weekend Wrap Up

I know you're all as heartbroken as I am, but this weeks BSG podcast has been delayed. Yes, Ron only had months to work on it, but apparently he was busy. He hopes to have it up later this week. Wheeeee?

I just rewatched this weeks BSG and a few (brief!) thoughts.

sarmoti just mentioned this in her post too. What the hell is Helo's current position in the fleet? I've lost track! If he's the CAG then he should have been in the air with the rest of the pilots. If he's the XO then why is Adama asking Tigh to carry out orders?

The blood splatter on Kara's viper is really dumb. Especially since we've never seen blood on a viper before.

I'm glad the Circle Ship didn't get blown up. Other than Galactica and Colonial One it's the only one I can recognize on site.

Either Adama and Laura got married recently or Mary forgot to take off her wedding ring. I noticed it in the scene by Kara's viper.

For those who know me, know that I lost total respect for George Lucas the day The Phantom Menace opened. As bad as I thought that was, apparently George has OK'd two hour 'Star Wars' themed 'Deal or No Deal'. Sigh.

sdwolfpup SciFi is showing Dinotopia next Sunday at 5pm. ;)

I checked the Dragon*Con site earlier and James Marsters has been added. As has Robert Picardo! (danceswithwords will get why that is so exciting. ;)

HAPPY (slightly late) BIRTHDAY! to jonesiexxx and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! to marcee12. Hope you two awesome ladies had awesome days. :)

I finally did my taxes! WOO! Now I just need to copy and mail them. I have to cut a check to the city for $1. Seriously, they can't write that off?
I thought at one point in the battle Adama said the CAG needed to do something and Helo is the one who did it. So...he's a special CAG, I guess?
I'm leaning towards Helo being the CAG, but Tigh completely unraveled during the trial which made me think Helo may have been promoted to XO again. I bet Helo can't keep straight what his position is anymore!
I'm pretty sure that Helo was acting XO because Tigh was off being crazy about the music. Tigh reappeared at the start of the battle so Helo was downgraded, but from the way she was acting I assumed Racetrack was now CAG. At the very least she's the flight instructor.

So its possible that he's the CAG and Racetrack is his second, but he was in CIC as acting XO. Tigh comes in, relieving him, but as 1: the CAG is not infrequently in CIC during a big battle and 2: Helo is a raptor pilot it didn't surprise me that Helo stayed in CIC rather than rushing to the hangar deck.

More interesting was Anders' miraculous recovery from his broken leg-limp. While i could buy that he might be able to handle the viper, (though it took Kara quite a while to get her knee back to the point where she could handle a viper in season 1) he should still have been limping a bit.
I thought Ander's leg injury was less sever than Kara's so I can accept him healing faster than she did, but I do agree that it seems too fast. Especially after we had that scene in THoG which Adama made a big deal about Kara's knee not being able to handle the G's in a viper. Maybe once his Cylonness kicked in his healing ability sped up? ;)
Especially since we've never seen blood on a viper before.

I thought we had? Anyway, that didn't bother me since we had seen the Cylon Raiders bleed before.

I'm glad the Circle Ship didn't get blown up

Me too! I am weirdly fond of the Circle Ship! I was disappointed when it got hit.

SciFi is showing Dinotopia next Sunday at 5pm

*snerk* Thanks. ;)
I saw a preview that included footage of the Circle Ship getting hit and I thought it was a goner. I'm relieved it can be repaired. Now I wonder what the hell that ship does? ;)
Totally missed Mary's wedding ring. Great eye!

Agreed the blood on Kara's viper was a bit much, although it needed to be something dramatically gooey to emphasize her otherwise pristine viper.

I handwaved the Helo thing since Tigh was off being batshit crazy.

And the biggest thing I noticed on rewatch was the overwhelming urge to fastforward over everything that had to do with Baltar. Which was odd because I truly didn't mind it terribly much the first go round.
I didn't pay much attention to Baltar's scenes during the rewatch myself. I don't know if it was the ickiness or that there isn't much there to analyze.
Thank you! I had a smashing birthday.

(I've averted my eyes from your post, because I haven't watched you-know-what yet. But I'll be back).
As has Robert Picardo!

Could this be the year we find out exactly what his exciting musical talent is? Does he sing? Play the accordion? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.
i'm a total geek, so here: , info on the ring shaped spaceship. ;)

there was a long discussion about laura/mary's wedding ring a few days ago. it was painfully visible, even in the promos. why didn't they fix that, digitally i mean? can't have been that hard.

i don't want to think about helo and t_gh. it's... complicated, at best. ;)
Hee. Thanks! It seems that while the damage was severe, it's possible that not a lot of people died aboard the ship. I did wonder if the ring had to do with artificial gravity and it seems I was right. :)

I have to admit I missed the ring on first viewing. I was too distracted by Lee and Laura standing next to each other. And talking! Once the shock and awe passed, I caught the mistake. ;)
The blood splatter on Kara's viper is really dumb. Especially since we've never seen blood on a viper before.

Just an FYI, Raider blood definitely popped up a few times in Season 2. It was in both Flight of the Phoenix and Resurrection Ship - possibly a few earlier ones, but I wasn't looking out for it before the premiere during my rewatch.
I've seen dark red marks on the vipers before, probably dried blood, which I can buy, but this looked like someone threw a can of red paint across the glass. It was more distracting to me than...whatever it was suppose to be.
Ahaha, that's probably exactly what they did. But I just watched the battle free-for-all shooting scene in Flight of the Phoenix to be sure and there's definitely Cylon raider guts and blood being sprayed out into space when one of them takes a substantiative hit. I find it odd that I never noticed this before because it definitely bothered me in the season four premiere. I was all " effect in theory, but why are we only see this for the first time now?" I guess it's just never been so prominent (i.e. across a windshield).