Asta 2

I Know I Have a Few DS9 Fans on My Flist

I was looking at the Dragon Con website - FYI, overflow hotels are now listed on the site - and noticed that Avery Brooks has just been added as a guest. He doesn't do many cons, does he?
Oooh! I wouldn't call myself a fan, though I liked what I saw of DS9 a lot, but I bet he's an interesting speaker.
You're an Avery fan I take it? ;)

The con runs from August 29th-September 1. It would be great if you could make it. :)
Suffice it to say that The Sisko rocks my 'fro ;)

If our (lack of) cash flow problem rectifies itself, this would be yet another powerful reason for me to go! taunt me.

Or perhaps it's not you, and it's the Atlantic Ocean that's taunting me.

Either way, there is taunting and it's keeping me away from Captain Sisko. *sniffle*

(Also I need a DS9 icon...clearly...)
I was going to taunt you further by listing all the BSG actors who will be there and mention that I may have a half a bed (may, since I'm uncertain if one person is planning on coming yet), but then I just checked airfares and $1,000 is a little steep. :(