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Interview with Mark Verheiden is launching 'Battlestar Galactica Weekly', a weekly Q&A with producer Mark Verheiden about the episode that just aired. This week he talks about 'He That Believeth in Me'. No spoilers, though he does make you think about some plot points further. And he did address the two issues that were bothering me most. ;)

CMix: Didn't Lee and his father decide they hated each other last season during Baltar's trial? Now, at least in this episode, they seem all buddy-buddy again with Adama even asking Lee to come back to the fleet. Is it just because, as Adama says, they need every good pilot?

MV: They certainly had it out at the end of Season Three, but given that Adama voted to spare Baltar on the strength of Lee's argument, he must have decided his son had a point. But aside from all that, Lee is his son. They fight, and then they get over it -- that's the way families go sometimes.

CMix: If Roslin is staying in Adama's quarters, is Adama still staying there as well? Does that mean they've decided to "shack up?" It seemed that way when Lee asked the question during their scene in the ready room.

MV: Laura's using Adama's quarters while she's getting treatment for her cancer. Obviously Adama and Laura are friendly, but I wouldn't read anything else into it.

I'll just let you guess my reaction to the last bit. ;-)
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