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"What the Frak?"

It seems that BSG has been getting a lot of media attention recently and we can add 30 Rock to the list tonight. See subject line. :) That was probably the highlight of the episode for me. I was sort of underwhelmed by the show this evening.

I have two things that will make danceswithwords very happy. First, I watched an entire episode of The Office tonight, without being pressured too and, yes, I thought it was funny. Specifically, Pam and Jim's expressions had me cracking up. My embarrassment issues did have me covering my eyes a couple of times though.

The other thing that should make her happy is that I was looking at the Dragon*Con site and noticed her boyfriend is now listed as a guest. ;) Looks like BSG, DS9 (Cirroc Lofton has been added) and Stargate are the shows DC is targeting this year.

And after giving myself a pretty bad headache this afternoon (don't ask, it's a long, complicated story), I came home and decide to fool around with LJ tutorials and html code to see if I could make an improvement over at jamiebambernews. Logic would dictate this would not be the ideal time to fool around with something I have little knowledge of and that could lead to a tremendous amount of frustration. However, if you manage to figure it out all on your own....WOO! As Stewie would say on Family Guy, Victory is Mine!

I have tomorrow off and I'm contemplating caving and watching BSG online at Noon. It's been raining pretty heavily here all day and tomorrow there is a good chance of high winds and thunderstorms and I'm completely paranoid I'm going to lose power tomorrow night, especially since I lost power last week and we didn't even have any storms!

Set those DVRs - Tahmoh and Grace are to appear on the Today show tomorrow morning and Tricia is suppose to be on The Tonight Show tomorrow night.

ETA: Michael got cut?! Color me surprised. I didn't expect him to win. I didn't want him to win. But I did have him in the top six, at least.
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