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Battlestar Galactica: 'Six of One'

I just finished watching 'Six of One' on the SciFi site. I'm not going into any details right now. I couldn't possibly at this point. I'm still processing. But I feel compelled to say something about it. You know this is my show, I love it more often than I dislike it. I criticize only because I know what the show is capable of doing and am disappointed when it fails to do so. And you know I don't lavish praise lightly. Imho, 'Six of One' is not only one of the best hours of BSG I've ever seen, it may rank as one of the best hours of TV I've seen. I've just been blown away by this episode. Certain things are finally explained, in ways that makes sense, and Jamie, Eddie, Mary, Tricia and particularly Katee amazed me with their performances. I want to rewatch this episode right now, but have to pray that a storm doesn't hit and my cable goes out this evening. If the rest of the season is half this good, I'll be a very happy fan.
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I am now so excited I am having trouble breathing.

It's...embarassing how badly and how quickly and how hard I fell for this show again after such a long time of having it as a peripheral part of my life due to the hiatus. Really. And I thought I was going to be less obsessive and more zen this season. HA.

I'm assuming this is the episode where we get that bloodcurdling and haunting scream from Starbuck as she's lying on the floor - the one where she shrieks, "We're going the wrong way!"

If we do, and the episode is half as good as you say, I may very well break my brain because that shot, and that shot alone in the trailer, just floored me. I mean floored me.

Oh man I cannot wait for this.
This is the "We're going the wrong way!" epsiode. That isn't even the most gutwrenching moment for Kara, imo. She is on such a roller coaster ride in this episode. You know I've had very mixed feelings about Kara over the years, but I actually adored her here. If she could be the person she is here for the rest of the season, I could become quite a fan of hers.

And Laura! I've started my write up, which I'll flesh out more after second viewing, and I just don't know what to say about Laura! She's the same, yet different and it's just fascinating to watch the choices she's making. I expect some incredible meta to be posted about her after this episode.

For the record, my brain broke.

OMG! You tempt me with my true weakness! Laura awesomeness! And I don't care what it is she's doing! Whether she's becoming evil, or holy, or vicious or compassionate, I DON'T CARE. I WANT TO WATCH IT NAO!


And also: not the most gutwrenching bit? Zomg, you spoilerifically tease me and for once I don't even want to know the details. How shocking is that?! (Okay largely that's because I know I'll get to see it tomorrow, BUT STILL.)

And I don't care what it is she's doing! Whether she's becoming evil, or holy, or vicious or compassionate

At least two of those adjectives I would say are accurate. ;) I can't say much more without getting into spoilery territory. I'm left reevaluating characters now. Not in the sense that I don't still love the characters I love, but that maybe they aren't exactly who I thought they were? And I liked Adama! That's two weeks in a row! ::dies of shock::
See, my instinct is to say that it's probably "vicious" and "evil" on account of BSG loving to play up that "Oooh, look, she's being morally AMBIGUOUS", and the fact that Starbuck already has that whole holy-returning-prophet thing locked down.

But then I think, is that really all that surprising or shocking any more? Don't we almost expect Laura Roslin to turn around and be eviltacular in the name of some nebulous Greater Good? And aren't we supposed to think that Starbuck is - unbeknownst to her, perhaps - a cuckoo, leading them wrongly? Perhaps against that backdrop, Roslin is turning into some sort of holy person?

Hmm, perhaps it's "Holy and Vicious" or "Evil and Compassionate"?

AAAAARGH! *brain exploding*

(I know you probably can't reply to this without spoilers ;)
I don't think I'd use the term evil, then again, Caprica snapped a baby's neck and I don't call that evil. ;) She does do something that on the surface appears to be out of character, especially when they strip away the ambiguity of her actions, but really isn't the more you think about it. The woman can take a child from it's parents, tell them it's dead, and advocate torture as a means to an ends so can she really do anything shocking at this point? It was a very complicated episode, but in the good way. :)
I am now terrifed and awed in equal measure. Srsly.

As you say, can she do anything that will shock us?

I guess I'm slightly nervous because I love her character so, but I find her more interesting - these days - when rays of compassion, love, religion or grace shine through (even if they do so in perverse or even destructive ways) because her making "shocking" choices has become almost de rigeur and I love catching glimpses of who she used to be, the way I love it when we see Principled!Lee.

That said, what you're talking about sounds like it fits into neither category and is, instead, an entirely new branch of Roslinhood. Which, as I said, awes and terrifies me in equal measure. I fear I won't like change even as I fear stagnation on the part of the writers...

Bottom line is, I guess, I trust in your opinion on this, and I trust that I'll find it awesome. But still *wibble*

(You can tell, because I'm still insisting on chatting with you about it even in light of my personally-enforced-no-spoilers-til-tomorrow-policy...)
As you say, can she do anything that will shock us?

Throw Lee on a bed and force him to have sex with her? :)

Because you are WEAK ;p, I shall tell you. Anyone else reading this LOOK AWAY NOW!


I won't go into every detail, but you know the clip that's been floating around the internets of Laura holding a gun? Well, as I'm sure you have assumed, that is the same gun Kara was pointing at Laura. I had a couple scenarios in my head as to what happened next including her putting the gun down and actually talking to Kara or the troops coming through door at just the right moment. What I didn't consider was Laura pulling the trigger with the intention of hurting/killing Kara. Even after she pulled the trigger I thought maybe she was simply trying to scare her after the ordeal Kara just put her through, but, no she makes it clear to Adama that the diloxin treatment was responsible for her bad aim.

I will also add there is another Laura moment on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum which had me weepy. :(

Seriously. Awesome. 100% pure awesome.

I...have not currently the words to explain why but just yes.

That's so amazingly brilliant that I utterly believe she'd do that - and don't even think it's...'evil' of her? It's so awesome that they've managed to not only get her from a character who'd believably turn down a gun during a very dangerous shipboard cylon raid - a character who was in some ways defined by her refusal to enter into that level of personal violence - and make her deliberately try to shoot someone and kill them. And more than that, make my gut response - contextless, sure, so I could be way off base here! - that this isn't meant to be an example of "OMG Roslin can be ruthless!" the way the airlocking or the election stealing or the baby stealing were.

Perhaps because in my head at least, it's less about compromising principles for wider survival and more about...two people engaged in a conflict that extends well beyond any single arena (mental/emotional/physical). It's about principles changing. looks like I do have some words, but man, they don't even begin to explain the explosion of awesome that's going on in my head. I'm so glad my brain works in a way so that spoilers whet my appetite rather than ruining the surprise.

Wow. Thanks for succumbing to my dithering demands for knowledge and pointing out that yes, I have always been, and always will be, a spoiler whore. ;)
This is high praise! It sounds like this episode resets the scale and the top of the scale was already pretty damn high. I'm a bit tired today, so I was thinking about putting off watching until tomorrow, but I don't think I'll be able to now. Only a few more hours now!
This is an episode that needs to be watched more than once, it's incredibly dense. I'd suggest watching it tonight, let your brain process, then watch again tomorrow. ;)
The Lee scenes perhaps aren't pivotal to the story, but he has several and they are very good. There is a lot of respect paid to the character. :)

Angelli wrote it... I am convinced he wasreplaced by one of the Cylon 'clones' from The Today Show with actually writing skills.
Heh. I didn't notice who wrote it, I was just amazed by the writing. Maybe he's been saving up his talent for this episode? ;)
As you probably figured out already from my Sitrep commentary, I loved this ep. What I didn't really elaborate on over there was how great ALL OF THE SCENES Lee was involved in were. Seriously great!
Yes, I don't think we can point out too much that ALL of Lee's scenes were great. Maybe this grasp of the character by the writers will last! :)


And we're only one episode behind you guys this season!!
It won't be back on the website until tomorrow. SciFi is premiering the new episodes on their website at Noon on Fridays. As soon as the episode is finished the pull it off the site until after it airs on TV.
Can't wait until 10pm! Eeeep! [fidgets] And here I thought I would be all zen. Ha!
This episode was indeed the most amazing thing ever. Characters were developed. Pivotal conversations were had. The plot moved forward. The acting was nothing short of emmy-worthy. I think I may have to agree that this may the finest hour of television ever written.
I'm still blown away that the show covered all it's bases. You can do it show! You can do it! Though, I am still wondering where the apple came from...
On another note, just saw what time you posted this. Are they going to be streaming all of the episodes live at noon eastern on their debut day? I thought it was just the debut! I'll have to keep that in mind next Friday then!
Yes, they are streaming all the episodes at Noon on Fridays. I wonder if I can put up a 'Do Not Disturb - Watching Battelstar Galactica' sign at work? ;)