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Battlestar Galactica: 'Six of One'

I just finished watching 'Six of One' on the SciFi site. I'm not going into any details right now. I couldn't possibly at this point. I'm still processing. But I feel compelled to say something about it. You know this is my show, I love it more often than I dislike it. I criticize only because I know what the show is capable of doing and am disappointed when it fails to do so. And you know I don't lavish praise lightly. Imho, 'Six of One' is not only one of the best hours of BSG I've ever seen, it may rank as one of the best hours of TV I've seen. I've just been blown away by this episode. Certain things are finally explained, in ways that makes sense, and Jamie, Eddie, Mary, Tricia and particularly Katee amazed me with their performances. I want to rewatch this episode right now, but have to pray that a storm doesn't hit and my cable goes out this evening. If the rest of the season is half this good, I'll be a very happy fan.
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