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Script Review of Joss's 'Dollhouse'

The Televisionary got his hands on the pilot script for Dollhouse and gives a glowing review of it here. I'm still reserving judgment until I see something on my TV screen. ;)
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Oh. Want. Though I have to admit my interest in this is tempered by ED's casting. I liked her as Faith, but have never seen any evidence that she has the range to play what is essentially five different characters in one episode. But the plot and the rest of the characters sound very interesting.
In my head, I keep comparing this to Dark Angel. Alba is the worst actress in history and somehow I still enjoyed DA. I assume this will be along the same vein.
As bad as you think Jessica Alba is, I have seen worse. Much worse. Her name is Marie-Julie Rivest. After the first episode of Charlie Jade I was convinced she had to be screwing someone on the production staff because there is no other way she could have been cast on the show.
I usually agree with The Televisionary's opinions, but once in awhile I read a recap or review and my mind boggles. For instance, he loves Torchwood and actually believes it is one of the best shows on the air right now. O_o Because of things like that, yeah, I can't get over enthused by his reaction to Dollhouse. And I'm with you on ED. ;)
ED's casting is holding back my enthusiasm. Joss is much more enamored with her than I and, like you, I don't see her having the range to play five different characters in a single episode. But I shall give it a chance. And they can always kill her off! ;)
Thanks for the link. The closer we get to this, the more wary I get, and I'm not even sure why. Here's hoping the script translates well onto the screen.
Between ED being cast as the lead and a script that seems to throw a lot of concepts at us at once, I'm a little wary too.
I'm still excited about this show, but I'd be more excited if there were a different lead actress. I guess I don't dislike Dushku but she just doesn't interest me, and I wasn't a fan of Faith either.
YAY!!! Thanks for the link. Given that Joss has repeatedly listed The Matrix as The Perfect Movie in his esteem, I'm extra-excited to see him exploring issues of identity, alienation, and memory (which just happen to be some of my favorite brain twirlers too).

*tries not to have too-high hopes*

*fails miserably*
Thanks for the link. Reserving judgement until I actually see it on screen. I've been tricked before...not by as a rule by Joss (I like to think he had an extremely high fever and/or was locked in a closet when the Cordelia/Connor SL came about), but still. You never know. It sounds like it could be interesting, but not sure about ED as the lead. I'm with everyone else who hasn't seen evidence she could pull off a role like this. But, I'm up for being pleasantly surprised. Not expecting to be, but accepting if it happens.