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Battlestar Galactica: 'The Ties That Bind'

SciFi, which had announced plans to stream each new episode from Noon to 1:00pm est on Fridays two weeks ago, this Friday is giving us eight chances to watch the show online beginning at 9:00am est. Unfortunately, I don't think the episodes can be viewed outside the United States.

Also, ComicMix.com has posted their latest Q&A with Mark Verheiden here regarding 'Six of One'. Again, he hints at things and fleshes out a few plot points, but no spoilers.
Sadly you're right and they can't be seen outside the US, but seen as we only have to wait 4 days here in the UK to see the new episode after you see it there (well those of us with access to Sky that is) I think I can wait.

Thanks anyway
Is it really worth it to see it all in blurovision?

I prefer my BSG in HD, Surround Sound, and, most importantly, in bed. :p
As thrilled as I was to catch an early viewing last week because there was so much to digest, I'm going back and forth watching it at lunch today. People still tend to bug me during my lunch hour, plus, yeah, the picture is a wee bit better on a 40" HD screen. ;-)