Fox? Renew a Sci-fi series? *blinks* I may take a while to get my head around that idea.
Huh. I thought we already knew it had been renewed. These rumors have been floating around for quite some time, haven't they? Regardless, YAY!!!!
It's been rumored for a couple of months, but it's FOX and they weren't saying anything officially so we had a wee bit of a reason to be worried.
I am a cynic, so am not getting too excited until Fox says it. Cause I just don't trust 'em.
OMG YAY!!!! Great news, and official like, and it will be back in the fall too! I'm curious what time slot they decide on. But yes yay!
Were there rumblings that it wouldn't be? I thought it was a slam-dunk. Well then, color me relieved.
Well, it's FOX so there is always a need to be worried. ;) However, the Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed it has been picked up for 13 eps.
Yay! I really enjoyed the 9 episodes we got - and Uncle Derek gives the BEST birthday presents ever (way more impressive than a flak jacket).

Be interesting to see what they do with a whole season!