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My dentist has a revolving door when it comes to hygienists. I've been seeing him for 25 years, but I've lost count of how many people have cleaned my teeth. So, today, there was another new one. Very nice woman and thorough, to the extreme. Yes, my gums hurt right now. I treated myself to a post cleaning hot chocolate from Starbuck's, a tradition I started a couple cleanings ago. The warmth helps, though not sufficiently this time. I have now moved on to cinnamon tea which is quite delicious. I'll be eating something soft for dinner. I'm thinking brownies. ;-)

Now, let's see if I manage to remember everything I've wanted to post over the past few days, but got sidetracked from doing so.

A few Galactica related tidbits:

The SciFi HD channel was acting wonky Friday night so I didn't have a chance to see this past weeks ep in HD until Sunday. I've seen people speculate Mary McDonnell has had work. Well, judging by the HD, she hasn't. OK, maybe she's had a bit of collagen around her mouth, but the woman has definitely not gone under a knife.

The podcasts are still not up. Ron gave them to you last weekend SciFi!

I loved that there were so many divergent opinions on 'The Ties That Bind' and that even when not at it's best, it can still generate a lot of terrific discussion.

Highlander - Hulu has the first season of the series up and after seeing a pretty great Duncan/Methos vid at bitchinparty (Yes, I will post about that one of these days!) I thought I'd give the series a rewatch. I don't know if TV has gotten better, my tastes more refined, or it's because I never paid close attention the first time around, but OMG, IS THIS BAD. Granted, it probably got better in subsequent seasons with the introduction of a stable of reoccurring characters and the whole Watchers arc, but I've had to try and stifle laughter at my desk at work on several occasions now. The dialogue, the acting (Joan Jett as a Nineteenth Century French aristocrat? REALLY???), so bad. And they never explain how Conner goes from being the last Immortal to another quickening taking place. One thing I did find interesting was Conner saying to Duncan, "What about the boy? He'll need watching." So, did they know from the beginning that Ritchie was one of them? I know they can sense other Immortals, but can they do so before they become one?

Torchwood - I watched the finale and it wasn't terrible. (Sorry beccatoria!) Granted, I think some twists the writers pulled out of their asses and I still feel John Barrowman struggles with the serious drama, but I expected far worse.

Doctor Who - I've seen the first two episode of Season, well, I'm calling it 4 and am liking Donna A LOT. It's nice to have a companion who is not enamored with the Doctor. Donna is traveling with him, not because OMG, HE'S SO FABULOUS, but because he's her chance to break out of her hum drum existence and see the universe. And I like the fact that, in turn, the Doctor doesn't have to deal with any awkward moments.

And while I knew Rose was coming back this season I was surprised to see her in the first episode. Seems she's found a way to cross parallel universes that the Doctor has not. got it's hands on casting sides for 'Dollhouse'. I'm going to be a curmudgeon and say I'm still not sold on this. :p

Since FOX has finally officially renewed The Sarah Conner Chronicles, today a read my first TSCC fic! marenfic's Stranger Things: You Are Not Alone. John/Cameron/Derek (though not all at the same time because incest is BAD), PG-13, and written for the TSCC Flash Fiction and Art Challenge. I'm going to read some more of the fic when I have time. I feel I can commit to becoming invested in the series now.

And the WTF?! for the day...Miley Cyrus is writing her memoirs.
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" I know they can sense other Immortals, but can they do so before they become one?"

There's this one where a teenager gets hit by a car or something and comes back that establishes that they can spidey on pre-immortals.

And shut up, I love Joan Jett. She's no Roger Daltrey though. Cameos are 90% of the fun.

I didn't understand S2 of Torchwood. "Hey, let's pretend we didn't make the entire cast unlikeable in season one. Never happened. You like them now. So they die." I still think the show is homophobic even though it pisses homophobes off; gay love isn't real love, it's just slapstick silliness and sexcapades.
I'm not bad mouthing Joan the musician, but she can't act! :p

I have issues with the Jack/Ianto storyline. I don't think the show is homophobic, but their relationship smacks of, "Look! We're cool and progressive because we have two guys making out every week!" Yet, for me to care or find it the least bit hot I need to understand WHY they are together. It's very forced to me.
Torchwood - I watched the finale and it wasn't terrible.

You wound me. Deeply.

...but I forgive you.

I didn't say it was good! Just, not as bad as I feared. I liked Gwen and Rhys. Are they going to make him part of the group? He hangs out with them enough now. And I don't know how Owen could possibly come back. Unless he fell through a rift or something. Sigh.
Yeah...I'm just bitter enough to resent anything that suggests it was better than the worst hour of television EVAR!!11!!!1! have a point. Gwen and Rhys were better than usual and I honestly hadn't considered the possibility of Rhys joining the team.

And yeah. It wouldn't surprise me if Owen fell through the Rift or something. The other option I can think of (see? I can't help it: I create nightmare scenarios!) is where his body's gone but his consciousness isn't...somehow. Since he was immortal but with a never-fixing-itself body. Is he still attached to his brain? But at least then he wouldn't really be back.

And I have devoted too much time to thinking about this! ;)
Oh, great, now you've given me images of Ghost!Owen! Ugh. And the team can spend next season trying to re-corporalize him!

::has 'Angel' flashbacks::
There is! But I'm not sure it's available on every cable/satellite system. It only popped up on Comcast here recently.
We had the same dental experience this weekend. I'll have to try the hot cocoa next time, since we'll be going again in November.

I haven't been reading anything about Dollhouse. I'm just going to watch the first few episodes and decide whether or not I think it's trash ;)

I can get Sci-Fi HD on Direct TV as well.

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In possibly a first for me, I'm avoiding the casting sides for Dollhouse. I'm still getting my head around the idea of Joss having a new series :)

I get the feeling that Ties That Bind is going to be the episode people are talking about for a while yet. I'm thoroughly enjoying that people are talking about Lee's new plotline, although it's not quite what I'd expected for him - I was expecting Zarek to make things a little more gray than they currnetly are, but in this first encounter it's seemed as if they tried hard to put Lee in the right and Laura in the wrong.

Is it wrong I enjoyed seeing Laura snark at Adama? Sometimes the characters are very human in very entertaining ways. Somebody's sleeping on the couch tonight.

I'm impressed you have the courage to rewatch Highlander - I watched the series when it first came out, but I've not had the heart to go back and wtach for fer that I'd poke even more holes in it that I did when watching it. It doesn't help that 99% of all Highlander episodes follow exactly the same plotline... but then that was also the case in Forever Knight, and both series are guilty pleasures of mine ;)
I was expecting Zarek to make things a little more gray than they currnetly are, but in this first encounter it's seemed as if they tried hard to put Lee in the right and Laura in the wrong.

I get what your saying, but it's interesting to me that Zarek was put into the gray in this episode. I expected his motives to be clear cut. I've always seen what he was attempting to do in the past and why, but this is the first time I've been left to wonder if there is selflessness involved.

Is it wrong I enjoyed seeing Laura snark at Adama?

Nope. It was one of the highlights of the episode for me. ;)

It doesn't help that 99% of all Highlander episodes follow exactly the same plotline...

Especially during the first season when the general plot is Bad!Immortal targets Duncan, over long sword fight ensues, Duncan wins. Occasionally, Tessa and Ritchie are imperiled so Duncan can play hero.
am liking Donna A LOT

Me too! I never disliked Martha, but I never thought she was very interesting. I adore Donna! :)

I'm going to be a curmudgeon and say I'm still not sold on this.

The premise sounds incredibly misogynist to me. If it wasn't Joss I wouldn't even think of giving it a chance.
I understand your concerns about the misogyny. I think part of the problem may be that the 'actives' we are hearing/reading the most about are women. Granted, the focus will be on ED's character, but if we see a fair share of male actives forced into the same scenarios as the women, then I think it might be OK.
I've only heard about one male doll so far, but that could change of course. All the rest of the doll characters they've cast are female that I know about.
I tend to really like Highlander vids ("History Repeating"--I can't remember who made it, unfortunately--is also very good) but they've never tempted me to actually watch the show. It seems my instincts steered me right.

(Hulu also has the first season of WKRP!)
(Hulu also has the first season of WKRP!)

I fear it's the crappy, re-edited versions that ended up on the DVD release, but I shall find out!

Yeah, I can't really recommend checking out Highlander. If not for needing distractions at work, I'd probably give up the 'rewatch'. On the brightside, it makes the worst episodes of my favorite series look a lot better. :)
I've seen people speculate Mary McDonnell has had work. Well, judging by the HD, she hasn't. OK, maybe she's had a bit of collagen around her mouth, but the woman has definitely not gone under a knife.

thank you for not making me feel like a moron for saying she hasn't. i actually thought it was a laser peeling treatment, but def not a lifting or botox. tsk... and i don't even have HDTV. ;) people are just so mean. it's like it bothers them that she looks so damn good for her age, thus they pick on her.

which, btw, brings me to the next thing: damn! am i happy this show is aired in HD now! i still get to see the avis from the torrent sites, but they look soooooo much better and sharper now. ;)
I was rather shocked at people, including on some mainstream websites, talk about the work she's had done. If someone has a facelift, the fine lines around the eyes would disappear. I did notice her mouth looked a bit different, but, like I said, she may have had some collagen injected. And I put that in the same category as a power peel or even a small amount of Botox. Vanessa Williams has talked about using treatments to "freshen" her looks, but she won't go under the knife. There is a considerable difference.
this talk makes me wonder whether people even know how a facelift looks like. i've seen photos of her from this week's conference in germany (lolz, she and jamie looked so mismatched on stage, him in baggy pants, her in a suit type of thing) and she looks so normal. so... natural. and so much like she did before.

one thing that did give me pause though, and that i haven't seen mention anywhere, is that she's lost a lot of weight. she looks thin and drawn in the show and i think that's helped by make-up quite a bit. she's supposed to look like that. losing weight changes people's faces like whoa. i wonder if those commenting about her "work" took that into consideration.

meh... i'm overthinking this. then again, it irks me when ppl are mean and/or stupid for no reason.
Highlander improves after the first season. lol Mostly. Repeated cameos by Roger Daltry....that cannot be bad! Joan Jett however, can be bad. And is! I loved Highlander, the Series. If you want to die laughing though, catch the last Highlander movie that was on Sci-Fi not long ago.

One of the best things about Highlander is it was the answer to "Where have I seen that actor/actress before"? when watching later Candadian filmed series.
I will say this for Highlander, to this day, it still has one of the coolest plot twists I've ever seen. I recall vividly Tessa and Ritchie being killed and then, in a subsequent scene, having Duncan walk out of a building and Ritchie following behind him.
The first half of S1 sucks very badly. But it does get better from there. And Methos is worth the price of admission.
Today's episode shifted the series to Paris and had a guest immortal that didn't suck in the acting department so things are looking up!
I have fond memories about HL. It was the first show I was fannish about. Season 4 is my favorite. It goes downhill from there IMO. Season 6 is *horrible* IMO and not worth watching at all.
From what I remember, Immortals could sense if someone was destined to become one of them.

And I found that Highlander improved a lot once the lovely and snarky Methos came on board *grins* But other than that I always just considered the show one of those shows that you didn't examine too closely and just enjoyed for the crack!

As for TSCC am I the only one who would REALLY have a problem if the went down the path of hooking up Sarah and Derek?? I mean, for goodness sake, from Derek's point of view Kyle has only been dead a short while!

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