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My dentist has a revolving door when it comes to hygienists. I've been seeing him for 25 years, but I've lost count of how many people have cleaned my teeth. So, today, there was another new one. Very nice woman and thorough, to the extreme. Yes, my gums hurt right now. I treated myself to a post cleaning hot chocolate from Starbuck's, a tradition I started a couple cleanings ago. The warmth helps, though not sufficiently this time. I have now moved on to cinnamon tea which is quite delicious. I'll be eating something soft for dinner. I'm thinking brownies. ;-)

Now, let's see if I manage to remember everything I've wanted to post over the past few days, but got sidetracked from doing so.

A few Galactica related tidbits:

The SciFi HD channel was acting wonky Friday night so I didn't have a chance to see this past weeks ep in HD until Sunday. I've seen people speculate Mary McDonnell has had work. Well, judging by the HD, she hasn't. OK, maybe she's had a bit of collagen around her mouth, but the woman has definitely not gone under a knife.

The podcasts are still not up. Ron gave them to you last weekend SciFi!

I loved that there were so many divergent opinions on 'The Ties That Bind' and that even when not at it's best, it can still generate a lot of terrific discussion.

Highlander - Hulu has the first season of the series up and after seeing a pretty great Duncan/Methos vid at bitchinparty (Yes, I will post about that one of these days!) I thought I'd give the series a rewatch. I don't know if TV has gotten better, my tastes more refined, or it's because I never paid close attention the first time around, but OMG, IS THIS BAD. Granted, it probably got better in subsequent seasons with the introduction of a stable of reoccurring characters and the whole Watchers arc, but I've had to try and stifle laughter at my desk at work on several occasions now. The dialogue, the acting (Joan Jett as a Nineteenth Century French aristocrat? REALLY???), so bad. And they never explain how Conner goes from being the last Immortal to another quickening taking place. One thing I did find interesting was Conner saying to Duncan, "What about the boy? He'll need watching." So, did they know from the beginning that Ritchie was one of them? I know they can sense other Immortals, but can they do so before they become one?

Torchwood - I watched the finale and it wasn't terrible. (Sorry beccatoria!) Granted, I think some twists the writers pulled out of their asses and I still feel John Barrowman struggles with the serious drama, but I expected far worse.

Doctor Who - I've seen the first two episode of Season, well, I'm calling it 4 and am liking Donna A LOT. It's nice to have a companion who is not enamored with the Doctor. Donna is traveling with him, not because OMG, HE'S SO FABULOUS, but because he's her chance to break out of her hum drum existence and see the universe. And I like the fact that, in turn, the Doctor doesn't have to deal with any awkward moments.

And while I knew Rose was coming back this season I was surprised to see her in the first episode. Seems she's found a way to cross parallel universes that the Doctor has not. got it's hands on casting sides for 'Dollhouse'. I'm going to be a curmudgeon and say I'm still not sold on this. :p

Since FOX has finally officially renewed The Sarah Conner Chronicles, today a read my first TSCC fic! marenfic's Stranger Things: You Are Not Alone. John/Cameron/Derek (though not all at the same time because incest is BAD), PG-13, and written for the TSCC Flash Fiction and Art Challenge. I'm going to read some more of the fic when I have time. I feel I can commit to becoming invested in the series now.

And the WTF?! for the day...Miley Cyrus is writing her memoirs.
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