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SciFi, You Mother Frakkers

I'm watching tonights episode on the SciFi site when it abruptly ends in THE MIDDLE OF THE EPISODE! I see what the bastards are doing. They give us three weeks of being able to watch it early, in full, and now they think they are forcing you to tune in again tonight to watch. Well, newsflash SciFi, we're all doing that anyway! Grrrrrrr.

ETA: To temper my bitterness, I will say that Lee Adama may be playing a bigger role in this season's storylines than I could have hoped for. Or maybe I'm reading to much into a moment. Not that I ever do that. ;p
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I hopped over to the SciFi forum and, WOW, some really angry people there. A few even threatened not to watch tonight and acquire the ep through other means. I wouldn't even be angry about only 20 minutes if they had advertised this week that they were only showing about half the ep, but they've told us, repeatedly, that they would be streaming FULL episodes.

I'm trying to squash my anger be recalling the potentially cool Lee moment. Or I could be making too much out of his reaction to something.
yeah, I wouldn't have been waiting for the streaming to watch only 20 minutes! I prefer to wait a little longer and watch the full episode.
Was it a moment with Laura? Can I read too much into it without having even actually seen it, along with you? Please? :p

But yeah - if they're only going to stream half the ep, they ought to be honest about that!
Sadly, no Lee/Laura moment. Though, I was thrilled that at one point in the episode the seating arrangement was Lee, Tory, Laura, Adama. I mean, if she truly despised him would only one person separate them? :)


The moment actually involved Tyrol, Tory, and Tigh and Lee seeming a bit perplexed by their interaction. It gave me pause to think that, perhaps, Lee becomes suspicious of their involvement and is the one to discover they are Cylons. Though I'm probably being too hopeful that he could play that huge a role this season.
We're four eps into this season and I still have hope! And I actually wish the podcasts were up to see if my suspicion about something is justified or I'm reading too much into something. But it would have been easy, as it has been in the past for them, to forget to include Lee is this particular scene and they made sure he was there so maybe I'm not crazy.

It seems that the back half of the season will not air until 2009. Ron admits that with post production the earliest the eps probably would be ready is fall and he feels because of that SciFi will opt to drag the series out until 2009.
I'm constantly amazed that the four hidden Cylons managed to run an insurgency on New Caprica, given their amazing ability to act in an incredibly suspicious and obvious manner while also leaving completely unencrypted messages around where other people can find them.
I didn't see it, but I heard the sreaming from here... and I'm working from observations of the Sekrit Sylon Society in the first three episodes, plus commentaries on the 20 minutes shown today...

Maybe it's a test from the other Cylons, to see which humans really are less observant than a box of rocks?
I refuse to do in-depth analysis until I've seen the full up. There's a lot of stuff that left me going WTF? Some in the good way and some in the I'm not sure yet way. ;) But the Lee moment I referred to was him witnessing an exchange between the three and looking perplexed. I guess Lee has all his rocks. ;-)
So. Our internet was down here and I missed it.

Oooh, good Lee stuff?

I have a question of the most vital importance! Is there any Kara?
Lee's screen time was very brief, but potentially significant. And given the preview from last week I know he's in at least one more scene.

There was no Kara or anything from the Demetrius in the first 20 minutes. And I suspect, given the focus of the first 20 minutes was split between Tyrol dealing with Cally's death and Baltar, that Kara and her crew may not be in this episode.
Okay, thanks. I figured we would not see the Demetrius for at least one episode and given everything going on with the funeral, I see how there wasn't room here.