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I'll have much more to say about 'Escape Velocity' later. After I watch it one or ten more times. But I feel compelled to mention one thing now. How the hell did James Callis, star of Bridget Jones Diary, say the lines about god loving them, just as they are, with a straight face??? Are they counting on the fact that BSG fans have never seen that movie? Did James not fight hard enough to stop it from happening? It totally took me out of the moment.
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You have a broken LJ cut there...

I never actually managed to sit through that movie but I'm guessing it was a line from?

Heh, Lee's righteousness is going to end up biting him in the butt.
I fixed the cut already. I was typing in such a hurry! In BJD, Mark Darcy tell Bridget he likes her, just as she is and, later, James ends up repeating the line.

I still think Lee was right. Laura's actions were far too extreme and would have ultimately led, imo, to more violence. Which is worse, Baltar the martyr or Baltar the religious leader? It's a damned if they do, damned if they don't situation.
Hah. Actually, although I've seen the movie, it's been long enough that a) I didn't remember that line, and b) I didn't remember he was even in it, so. *shrug*
I actually forget James is in the movie sometimes, but I just saw it again the other day and it's all fresh in my mind!
My thoughts exactly! Even if the writers weren't aware of it, you'd think Callis would've spoken up. But it's nice to know Baltar loves me just as I am.
Why am I not surprised that Jane Espenson is making in-jokes in her scripts? I'll see how it plays to me (I haven't seen the episode yet), but I really hate that stuff.
It's been eons since I've seen BJD so I totally missed that reference. Callis might have thought it was funny particularly if this was a totally unintentional shoutout from Jane. Personally I found the whole Cult of Baltar to be much more Mister Rogers, albeit in a squicky way.
Ok---I am totally off my rocker here, but I Triple Dog Dare someone to do a vid of Baltar to Mister Roger's "It's You I Like."
It immediately took me out of the moment as I burst out laughing when he said it.
Well, Colin Firth said it as well in the same movie, and I'm *not* forgetting that. :)

Random, but my icon reminded me. LOL Have you been watching Dancing with the Stars? If not, May 6 is the 10oth ep. and performing new routines are Mel & Maks AND Apolo & Julianne. Thought you'd be interested. :)
I quit watching a few weeks ago. None of the couples really grabbed me. Thanks for the heads up on May 6th! I'll make a point of checking out those performances. :)