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I probably could analyze 'No More Mr. Nice Guy', but I'm really not in the mood.

It's no Tigh changing a baby, but House and Chase bowling together was still pretty amusing. And Chase is still looking for recognition and approval.

I thought Wilson and House had their fair share of dysfunction, but throw Amber into the mix and they are all DOOMED. Though, Amber has made me realize what a wuss Wilson is. He can't pick a side, can't keep his mouth shut, and is more than willing to sit back and just let them fight over him.

House has moved from Cutthroat Bitch to CB. Hee.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who didn't believe for a second House actually had syphilis? And it amuses me he's long been prepared fro someone to run blood tests behind his back.

Lisa Edelstein, wearing little makeup and a rather conservative, cleavage covering dress looked beautiful. Can I hope that the show has finally bought themselves a clue?

Cameron never answered Chase's question about sleeping with House. Huh. I don't think they have slept together, but why not just say no?

And Jesse really needs to get a haircut.
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