Of course not. It died a horrible death. Which is what's going to happen all over again with Moonlight.
Not that I care in the least, but apparently the ratings for Moonlight have picked up some so it could get a second season. Sigh.
Oh, i feel bad for her *pets Claudia* but i don't care about those shows. I'd like to see her in something more decent more interesting, she deserves it.
Dammit, I'm actually going to have to sit through another episode of that show now. Maybe I can entertain myself by trying to understand what Jason Dohring is mumbling.
I'll make a deal with you. I'll DVR it and we can watch it together after BSG.

::makes note to buy alcohol::
Color me shocked. ;p

And you are always welcome to join us!

Speaking of welcome, you know you are ALWAYS welcome to visit, but I haven't brought up the May thing again what with all the other stuff happening.
Man, I know! I just don't know how likely it would be for me to get there in May which really kills me.

1.) It's been a year since I've laid eyes on you!

2.) I could bring you your presents which are all in my room waiting for me to send them.

3.) Panic!

As much as I would love to see you, I TOTALLY understand you not being able to make it. I almost didn't say anything, but then I worried that you might think I forgot or I changed my mind and.....this is how my brain works!
Sweet! There might be time to pencil in that full frontal lobotomy I'm going to need to make it through an hour of this show.
Augh. No! I'd hope she'd come back and guest star on Life first. I don't wanna watch Moonlight! *pouts*
I don't wanna watch Moonlight!

No one does! Now I fear all of us who don't want to watch, but will because of Claudia will help get the damn thing renewed. :(