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It's the end of the month, so I should be drowning in paperwork, but I'm not. ::waits to get bombarded with work::

This is one of those informational posts since my life is boring and I really don't have much to say.

soundingsea brought this to my attention:

In response to heat they're getting from the American Family Association, Proctor & Gamble is conducting a phone poll to see if people are for or against the Luke/Noah storyline on As The World Turns. Even if you don't watch the show, please consider taking a quick moment to support boy kissing and thwart homophobic bigotry. The poll is completely automated. You don't have to talk to anyone. And it really does take all of a second to register your opinion. Call 1-800-331-3774 to vote.

I called last night. I'd love for P&G to be able to contact this group and tell them that people really don't care. The thing that kills me is soaps are known for having heterosexual, usually unmarried, couples rolling around naked in bed. I believe Passions went so far as to have an incest storyline. None of that is an issue, but two boys kissing is. Sigh.

A few of my newer LJ friends have inquired about some of my older fanfic. Well, considering how long it's been since I wrote anything it's ALL old. :p As much as for their sake as my own, I did one of those future posts to have the links to all my fic in one convenient place. Since I forgot to check a box, it may have ended up on your lists the other night. All my fic can be found here.

beccatoria and I were discussing 'Escape Velocity' over in her LJ (she's brilliant btw, you should really check out her posts ;) and she stated something that made me go, "D'Oh!"

We were discussing continuity - Tryol mentioning to Adama how he had threatened to execute Cally - and our somewhat differing opinions of Adama. When she mentioned the following (in regards to 'Dirty Hands') I realized I was an idiot:

I don't care if that strike was illegal. I don't care if he's in the military. You do not threaten to execute the family member of a lawbreaker unless you are Cain and it was just...such a surreal decision for Adama to make.

As soon as she stated this, I thought more about DH and recalled that Jane Espenson was the co-writer of the episode. Duh. The ep in which we went from merely questioning Adama's judgment to going WTF? Because of all his emotion fueled decisions, threatening to put Cally up against a bulkhead and shoot her took the prize. I could never really rationalize it. But recalling how Jane didn't have a good handle on that scene made some of the confusion of the Adama/Tyrol confrontation make more sense...if that makes sense.

I hate to place all the blame for questionable characterization at Jane's feet though. There is a staff of writers and producers who could step in and say something.

I seem to becoming quiet the Mark Verheiden fan. has posted their latest Q&A with him. They were two answers in particular I found interesting (and one may interest you pellucid).

CMix (from reader Tony): In the scene where Adama reads to Roslin, he closes the book and continues speaking. Is he doing it from memory, even though he said he had not read that far in the book? Or, is he just telling her how he feels?

MV: Adama is speaking from the heart in that very lovely moment.

So, Adama was actually taking to her and not just reading from the book? I don't think that was entirely clear. Plus, she may have been dozing. :p

CMix: When the Chief has it out with Adama it seems as if he's doing it on purpose, knowing Adama has to bust him. Is it because he feels he sabotaged the Raptor on purpose due to some Cylon programming or is he saying what he really feels about Cally because he's still pining away over Boomer?

MV: I think Tyrol’s in hell because he doesn’t know if he intentionally sabotaged the Raptor or not. One of the perils of suddenly realizing you’re a Cylon.

And I don’t know about “pining”, but remembering the way he treated Boomer after she was revealed as a Cylon, given his own revised situation, must be tearing him apart.

Well, this seems to be, in part, a different take than fandom. I questioned why he wasn't wondering if he unconsciously sabotaged the raptor, but, again, I don't think that the thought entered his mind was conveyed in his tirade.

And Mark talks about the writing process in his current blog entry. This one part really spoke to me:

But I've always felt that writing in about communicating, too... presenting your ideas to others because you have this crazy idea there may be some value in your point of view. I suppose that's why I blog instead of scribbling this nonsense in a private journal. I kinda know what's scrambling around in my head; presenting it in a more public forum is the way I exorcise my pesky idea-demons...

This is why I spend far two many hours writing meta for BSG or write Lee/Laura fic when I know there is a relatively small audience for it. It's the belief I'm contributing something to fandom. I know a lot of us cover the same territory when analyzing BSG, but we all seem to have that one thought that the rest of us missed somehow. And if we all just kept our thoughts to ourselves our experiences would not be as rich. It's also nice to have people go, 'OMG, you're crazy!', then find out there is a small group that shares your craziness. ;)

Finally, Happy (belated) Birthday to dkellergrl, Happy Birthday! to thedeadlyhook and a (slightly early) Happy Birthday! to widget285! Hope all you lovely ladies had/have/will soon have great days. :)
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I just tried calling and '2' took me to something spanish and then '1' put me on hold for an operator?
Hmmm. I actually changed the instructions because they originally read 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, etc, yet when I called last night there was no English/Spanish option and it took me right to the voting. I'll just delete that part. Thanks for the heads up.
Thanks for fixing that. I noticed that too, but I forgot to edit the instructions.

None of that is an issue, but two boys kissing is.

I KNOW, right? What kind of sense is that???
I actually had read about that part of the Mark V. interview (because naturally it was posted to adama_roslin, and the fangirls proceeded to squee loudly, as they do). On one hand, okay, it does distance the book metaphor a little bit, but quite as much as I might like. Poor Bill, I guess: all this emotion and practically no capacity to express it.

On a broader level, though, I'm not sure how much I like TPTB coming in and saying, "oh, this is what we meant." Show what you mean, and if there's ambiguity, try to make it productive and interesting ambiguity. I'm not sure whether those few lines were productively ambiguous or not, but I think I'd still rather have them be ambiguous than to get proclamations outside the text.
It strikes me if they had made some small changes to the A/R scene it would have made a huge change in our reading of it. Just think if Laura had seen Adama say the words with the book closed? Or, stronger yet, if he had he turned towards her and said them and she saw it. They wouldn't even have to discuss what it meant. We'd have seen that he was talking to her, sharing his feelings, and that she knows it's a huge gesture on his part. It would be enough for her and us, at least for the moment.

One of the failures of the series since the second half of Season 2 is that Ron and Co. have had to explain their intentions to the audience either through the podcasts or interviews. The Lee/Dee relationship may be the most glaring example of having to tell us, because they showed us so little. And I think a lot of disservice was done to the character of Cain because their interpretation of the character seems to differ wildly from fandoms. Oh, and there is Ron's claim that Kara was tomcatting around New Caprica, yet there is no evidence that she was unfaithful to Sam besides a jealous and angry Sam saying she was.

I believe Ron and the writers addressed in a podcast that part of the problem is they spend so much time developing the scripts, are so familiar with the material, that as story elements get altered or cut they forget that the audience doesn't have all the same information. I do understand that, but if they are aware of the situation then shouldn't they have a party not involved in the writing process take a pass at the script? Isn't that why we, as fic writers, have betas?
I called. I had to push 1 for English and then 1 for supporting the storyline.

Jane seems really nice, but I don't think her BSG eps have been the greatest. Her feel for the characters in any case is very different from my own. And I agree with Io9 (horror!) that the pain/pleasure thing was overwrought and pretty much out of nowhere. Alot of the episode read to me as trying to be about big issues (Faith! Pain! Pleasure!) without bothering to do the work to make it seem relevant to the show.

Oddly the only show that's felt right for me was the Cally one. In the others I've been cringing a little. Maybe rewatching with the podcasts will change my mind.
Alot of the episode read to me as trying to be about big issues (Faith! Pain! Pleasure!) without bothering to do the work to make it seem relevant to the show.

I mentioned in my post about the ep that the show should have hired a pyschologist as a consultant long ago. They rely on sex and violence as emotional catharsis and healing. That's not how it works in reality and this is a show that wants to reflect reality. I probably could accept it if it was the exception and not the rule (they are living under extreme stress and that has to affect your actions), but it seems to have become the rule.

Jane strikes me as a pretty upbeat individual and while 'Buffy' could be dark, it was nothing compared to BSG, imho. I just don't think BSG is a good fit for her.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I'm sorry to have been so absent lately - it's the usual RL complaints.

Love the Verheiden quotes. I really must dig up some of his old comics work and see if there's any thematic carryover into the stuff he's doing now on BSG. I seem to remember the series The American really hit some interesting notes.
Dagnabbit, I wish I were in the states so I could vote in that thing! That's...just...they still feel the need to worry about this stuff? Infuriating! I support your moral stand by voting in this poll!

Also, firstly, *blushes* you flatter me, but I'm glad you enjoyed our conversation. I owe you some replies actually, I've been horribly bad about being around on the net this week! *blushes*

But really good catch about the writers - I totally missed that and yeah, while I like that there was continuity there it renders it a little less surprising and - I hate to say it - less awesome/impressive? Ah well. Let's see what today brings? ;)