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Iron Man

I just got home from seeing Iron Man and WOO! It lived up to the hype! It's one of the most enjoyable super hero movies I've ever seen. It also works pretty well as a drama and an anti-war film. Color me impressed by Jon Favreau's direction. But a very large part of the success of the film must go to Robert Downey Jr. The promos and commercials tend to showcase his quippiness, but there are also many serious moments. He really does have to play a broad range of emotions and does so, as I expected, very well. He also looks pretty good while doing it. :) And I LOVED that Favreau chose to limit the use of CGI. It does make a difference. I felt like I was watching the world I actually live in even if scenes bordered on the impossible (and I say bordered because, given advances in technology, the idea of an Iron Man existing doesn't so seem that far-fetched). Shockingly, the closest thing I have to a criticism is that Terrance Howard was underutilized and Gweneth Paltrow was merely adequate.

I also saw new trailers for Indy 4 and The Dark Knight. Indy I was already fairly hyped for, but I now am very excited to see The Dark Knight. And is it my imagination or is Christian Bale getting better looking? ;)

ETA: I just read that there is a scene after the credits. I didn't see it because my friend was anxious to leave the theatre, but I'm kind of glad I did miss it. Not that it sounds bad from the recap I just read, heck, it sounds kind of intriguing, but I found the ending of the film very satisfying as is and I'd like that to be my final memory of the film.

Oh, while waiting for the movie to begin (we got there a half hour early and good thing we did), we talked a bit about TV and when I mentioned BSG my friend S said, "Oh, we rented the movie." I could tell from the expression on her face she wasn't impressed so I decide to clarify that she was talking about the new BSG and not the old when she began to explain how confusing it was with it being the present, then ten months before, then forty years that point I cut her off and said, "You rented 'Razor'? You can't watch that without seeing the rest of the series!" Now I guess I'll have to work on getting her to start again with the mini.
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Ooh, your review of Iron Man makes me more excited to see it, which I hopefully will this weekend. And I'm glad that the movie really showcases what RDJ has to offer.

And is it my imagination or is Christian Bale getting better looking? ;)

Right there with you :)
My brother and I are debating whether to catch Iron Man before the EXPO, or to save our money after when we know how poor we actually are. I've been hoping someone would go and see it and let me know if it was any good - so thank you :)
I've been fence-sitting on whether or not I wanted to see Iron Man because I didn't know what the ratio of RDJ being awesome vs. RDJ locked away in a giant tin can would be, so now you've convinced me I must see it.
There is much more of RDJ being awesome. ;) And even when he's in the suit, they let you know that it's he (or Tony, technically) in the suit.
I went to see this today and yes! It was miles better than I was expecting! I'm actively looking forward to a possible sequel now!

I hope that they give Rhodey a suit so we can get War Machine in the next film. One of the things I like about Stark's characterisation is that he's not nice. Out of necessity they toned that down in the second half of the film, and that was the right thing to do. They were playing him as a guy who'd had a profound life-changing experience and wanted to make a difference and they did a good job mixing that with the same guy who was egotistical and arrogant. Which is great.

But the interplay between Iron Man and War Machine is also great since War Machine basically calls Stark on all his bull****. Which is hilarious. :D
I haven't thought about a super hero film as much as I've been thinking about Iron Man since probably the second X-Men film. I even went to wikipedia to find out more about the history of the character and the comics. I'm contemplating doing another post getting into the specifics of why I liked the film (and character0 so much. But I figured I'd give people the weekend to catch up with me. ;)
I saw Iron Man this time last week and I agree, it's great! Really enjoyed it (and I'm not a person who's a comic book fan so I didn't know anything about the character before watching the film).

But yeah, the cast were good, Favreau put in a damn fine directing job and the lack of tons of CGI was indeed a good thing.

I did see the scene at the end - I tend to stay to the very end anyway - and it was, to me, a great little addition - explaining why the agent was so keen to talk to him and setting things up for future movies in the franchise - my comic book friends who I saw the film with especially loved the little coda *grins*

All in all, I'm glad they persuaded me to go with them as I really, really enjoyed it.

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