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BSG: The Road Less Traveled

Let me jump aboard the band wagon!

There will be no meta this week. I saw the train heading off the rails by the first act and figured it wasn't worth my time to think too much about this episode. By the end, I had no clue what the point was. Usually the A and B stories run parallel and then intersect, but other than Kara and Tyrol have both suffered mental collapses, I'm not sure what the storylines had in common.

I actually dealt much better with Tyrol's characterization than Kara's. His breakdown began with Adama last week and he's just continuing to spiral out of control. And I think he we saw him beginning to get his act together. I don't think he's buying into Baltar's sermons, rather he was finding a purpose to go on - find out who/what he is and knock Baltar off his pedestal in the process.

As for Kara, I don't know how turning her into a raving lunatic is good character development. I think we all saw the mutiny coming before the opening credits rolled and how can we not side with the mutineers? Putting aside The Crazy, she is disobeying Adama's orders. And I loved how part of her argument was Adama would not leave them, meaning her, behind. Yes, he would. After YCGHA, he learned his lesson about risking the fleet just to save her. I think what is really irking me is that she's begin to feel a sense of self-importance.

Other Thoughts:

* They’ve been gone almost two months and they are just now low on fuel? And what about food? And they’re flying a CAP???

* Helo looked very pretty. He should be sweaty with his hair brushed back more often.

* When is anyone going to point out that Baltar’s followers are almost entirely women?

* Tory is not exactly the queen of subtle. I was half expecting Tyrol to ask her if she killed Cally. And I’m no expert, but I’m pretty certain you can be on anti-depressants and be suicidal.

* Poor Sam. First there was Lee and now Leoben. I guess he doesn't make her feel special enough.

* Leoben was on Caprica. Huh. That throws a wrench in my theory about him.

* An alliance with the Cylons. Going together to the promised land. I really don’t want a unification of the races.

* Favorite line: “If there is a god, he’s laughing his ass off.”

* They killed Mathias! The Bastards!

* Tyrol strangling Baltar? Awesome!

* Leoben seemed to be channeling Kara in asking her to kill him. I’ll let others analyze the Kara/Leoben interaction in depth because while the actors have great chemistry and I find the relationship intriguing, I just don't care that much. Leoben does seem to have some genuine insight into Kara, yet I also think some of his statements are simply made to get under her skin. And it's pretty damn obvious that the person Kara was is gone.

* Honestly, I can deal with no Lee, but NO LEE AND NO LAURA?!?! You have to give me one of my favorite characters show! And no Adama! That’s just insane!

One of the most intriguing aspects of this episode is one they didn’t touch. Sharon hears about a Cylon civil war and there is NO reaction from her? In ‘A Measure of Salvation’ she was definitely upset at the news of the genocide being planned, yet she finds out that the Cylons have turned on each other, are being permanently killed, and nothing? Are we to believe she has now totally cut herself off from her race?

This was also the first time we saw real strife in the Agathon marriage. I don’t believe they will be heading for divorce, but is it just the situation that is bringing out the worst in them or is the situation revealing problems that have always existed, yet never addressed? I’ll be curious to see how they interact once they are back in the fleet.

And how the hell could they be separated from their child for two months? Especially after they missed the first year and a half of her life. That’s insane. One of them should have stayed behind.

Looking back at my notes, I think there is some stuff to be analyzed, but, unfortunately, I was too distracted by The Crazy to pay close attention or care.
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