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Technically, the weekend hasn't been all joyful, but I'm focusing on the positive because there has been a lot of happy making stuff for me this weekend.

* Yesterday, I helped stimulate the economy. I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond with all my 20% coupons and bought new bedding, accept for a new comforter, because finding one I love alludes me. The reason I needed new sheets is because the ones I bought back in July of 2006 to go with my new bed shrink every time I wash them. I kid you not. I barely got them over the top of the mattress last week. I'll never buy sheets made of bamboo again. This time I went with preshrunk cotton that can fit mattresses up to 18" deep. OMG THEY FIT! With room to spare! I also finally got a bed skirt. In navy! Wheeeee!!!

* I watched Firefly on Universal HD last night. 'Safe' aired and I just adore seeing Summer Glau dance.

* Also last night, the Music HD channel premiered a new Soundstage concert featuring Matchbox Twenty. Rob Thomas, dressed in black, in HD. Sigh. Plus, they sang all my favorite songs with new arrangements for a few. '3am' and 'Real World' were, in particular, awesome.

* I did my periodic imdb searches on Friday. Checked Jamie's listings and nothing new. sarmoti, bless her, was checking yesterday and found that Jamie has been cast in the film 'Mineville'! It's a drama! With a good cast (Anthony LaPaglia, William Sadler)! Eeeee!!!

* ::hearts:: friends for keeping me informed. :)

* Finally, got the first podcast recap up. Phew! It's hard getting back in the swing of doing those!

* 'Iron Man' took in 104 million in it's first five days domestically and 200 million world wide. I sense a sequel on the horizon. :)

* I was flipping through the latest GQ with Robert Downey Jr on the cover. The writer of the profile on him was talking about how much he had cleaned up his act. To the extent that he drinks algae shakes. If your a BSG fan, you find that as funny as I do.
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