Asta 2

I Should Have Known

I'm really enjoying these weekly Q&A's with Mark Verheiden. Especially since we aren't getting the podcasts in a timely fashion. Remember how some key Lee/Dee scenes ended up on the cutting room floor the last two seasons? Well, it's another couples turn!

CMix: Considering you wrote this episode, what was your favorite part of it?

MV: I’ll go a little further this time, and start with what I missed. Even though we try to write these episodes to come out just slightly longer than time, it seems the (finished episodes) inevitably come in longer, and this one was no different. So I miss a few things that were shot but eventually cut.

There were, for instance, a couple Helo/Athena scenes that dealt with Athena’s feelings about the mission, and the fact that she feels truly accepted by the others on the crew. This is followed by her and Helo’s wariness/sadness when Pike starts making anti-Cylon comments and all the old suspicions come back. I think those moments would have softened what now feel like some pretty cranky interludes between her and Helo.

And seeing her express how she truly feels accepted may have helped to explain her non-reaction to hearing about what the Cylons were doing to each other. Sigh.
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Well, you know how it goes... they could include scenes to flesh out a well-established character with a part to play in the current plot and scenes involving drama and contraversy around one of their most important plotlines... or they could include more sex. No contest. Cheesecake FTW!
I was thinking they could have cut some of Baltar's sermons because, gee, those aren't getting redundant.
I'm not sure why they don't think that character development and character interactions are important enough to include in the final cut of the show. I can't say that I was bothered by the Lee/Dee storyline but I also had zero investment in it (I had forgotten they were married until he said goodbye to her). With more scenes I might've cared a bit. And then leaving out any reaction from Athena about a cylon civil war is just poor storytelling. Perhaps they could've cut a few extended reaction shots of Galen staring blankly to fit it in.
I was open to the idea of the Lee/Dee relationship early on, but they needed to sell me on why these two would be together, other than they are both good looking, and the scenes that might have helped to sway me were either badly conceived or ended up cut out of the eps.

My first thought on reading Mark's comments was why couldn't they cut out one of Baltar's sermons? Was he telling us anything we didn't already know? I think we all have a pretty good handle on what is going on with Baltar and his followers. But we're left confused, at best, by Sharon's non-reaction to the news of what is happening to her people.
Well, that explains a lot! I wish they could put all eps online and then they wouldn't have to worry about length!