Don't judge a book, er, movie by it's title.

I am very much looking forward to it; but I've been duped before. I find it's best to go in with very little expectations and let the movie wow me on it's own.
Chris Carter has succeeded in setting the bar very low for me. He isn't at George Lucas levels yet, but he's running neck and neck with JJ Abrams. ;p I'm going to support David and Gillian, I still love them!
I completely agree with you, sounds like we're going into this with the same expectations!

However, on the Lost comparison, I respectfully disagree with you. You're comparing apples to oranges. Compare seasons 1-4 of X-Files with Lost. It's not fair to say that Lost, which hasn't yet had the opportunity to hold it together -- or fall apart -- in season 6, 7, 8, etc. to a show that has finished its run.

Did X-Files fall apart after season 6? Yep, definitely -- got worse each season. But those first six seasons (and a fair percentage of seasons 6-9) were absolutely masterful. If comparing the first four seasons of each show, I'd point out that Lost hit a sophomore slump that X-Files didn't suffer. That Lost has rebounded is a feat unto itself, but the slump and loss of focus still happened. Both series are quite excellent, and I'm looking forward to the new X-Files movie.
That trailer makes me want to see the movie. Score one for them! Heh.
And it better be an actual kiss this time, not an almost kiss or kiss interrupted by a genetially altered butterfly. :P
I will be seeing this now matter what, I know it. Even with my lowered expectations and unenthusiasm for a promo still that others squealed over that left me thinking, "Wait, is this the X-files or some new romance novel adaption?", I will see this. The title is the least of it, for me. I know I will see it because I liked these characters and I'm curious and it could be a giant turd and I'd still be first on line.
Other than David and Gillian, the one thing this film has going for it is that it doesn't deal with the dreaded mythology. That I don't have to fear dead characters coming back for the umpteenth time makes me hopeful that it will avoided the giant turd designation. ;)
What's wrong with the title? I like it and it reminds of old good times.
i find myself painfully underwhelmed. i really want to care, alas... i feel kind of guilty about not caring, i used to love this show when i was in highschool. oh well...