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Ausiello reported weeks ago that one of the cast was going to be shot. I did assume, up until Crazy Lady walked in the club, I thought it would be one of the supporting characters. So I was a bit shocked to figure out it was going to be Booth about to take a bullet. Even more unhappy making was they were all so happy right before that moment! I loved that Bones did not suck as a singer and was really getting into the song and how supportive everyone was, especially Booth. Though I did have momentary Angel flashbacks and feared another rendition of 'Mandy'. ;) Of course, I know Booth will live. Not only is David one of the stars, he's one of the executive producers. But, still, this is generally my happy making show.

I thoroughly enjoyed the structure of this episode. House's reality bleeding into memory into hallucinations I found quite interesting. And while Chase is the worst...hypnotist...EVER, he and Wilson interrupting House's thoughts interjected some much needed humor. I give it an A for creativity and production value.

For the medicine, I have to give the episode an F. House has a fractured skull, swelling on the brain, and bleeding from the ear and Cuddy sends him home to sleep?!?!?! If I had any doubts, this episode proved what a horrible doctor she is.

As for the Amber twist, I had my suspicions early, but as soon as we got a close-up of the necklace I was sure that Amber was the person House was trying to remember. What I am unable to fathom is how we are expected to believe that that amount of time passed and Wilson wasn't suspicious that he hadn't heard from her or that he hadn't bothered to call her. Hasn't the show spent weeks establishing how these two are glued at the hip? Didn't House have to fight to get time with him? Yet, we are now supposed to just believe that 36 hours or so passed without any attempt at communication? I can, maybe, buy her handbag was still lost in the wreckage, though that is stretching believability, but not that Wilson made no attempt to get in touch with her.
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