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Quick Thought While Watching BSG


More later....


I call Vice President Lee Adama right now! :)

And Adama jumped leaving the fleet defenseless? Talk about being led by your...

Please don't tell me Caprica is pregnant. PLEASE.
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So, I guess you... um... maybe... kinda sorta... liked it?


ETA: Just so you know, I LOVED IT. (I realized the above sounded like I was wondering why the heck you would like it. No worries there!)

Edited at 2008-05-17 03:02 am (UTC)
I LOVED IT! For the most part. I have some quibbles, but, by far, the best ep since 'Six of One'. I edited the post to mention some things in the promo. The rest I need to absorb. :)
I *knew* there would be squee from you the second I saw Lee and Laura in the same room, mere inches from each other.

RDM knocked yet another one out of the park, ladies and gents!
The week I skipped the show, it turned out good... Just my crappy luck!

Thanks for the heads up. Will try to catch the re-airing tonight...
You HAVE to watch! There was Lee! Great Lee! And Lee and Laura! And it was AWESOME! There was actually some good Cylon stuff too. :)
I watched it! *g* Am in the process of typing up what I thought.

Damn, I wanna steal your "by your side" icon! *g*