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BSG: Guess What's Coming to Dinner

Dear Show,

Thanks for reminding me why I love you so.

Much gratitutde,

If you know me at all, you know I was positively bouncy during certain scenes, one in particular. But what made this episode so great was there was a lot to love. Yes, as usual I have some quibbles, but the good far outweighed my issues.

The show has definitely taken a sharp turn into mysticism and religion this season. It’s one aspect of the show that’s never interested me much. It was less troublesome for me this week since it was balanced with what was happening politically. My bigger concern is how fate seems to be playing a larger and larger role leaving me to wonder how free will fits into all this. The characters did make choices, but every choice they made led to unforeseen consequences. They meant well, but it all led to disaster. I thought of the line spoken by Fox Mulder in ‘Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose’, “If coincidences are just coincidences, then why do they feel so contrived?”

The big ball of fate biting you in the ass started rolling with Helo. Are we surprised? His plan is to put have the viper wing on the basestar. We have a lull until Lee suggests to Laura she allow Natalie to speak to the Quorum. His idea is not a bad one, if it was Laura would have never followed up on it. Natalie (and Laura) presumably sway the Quorum just enough to let the plan go forward, but in allowing Natalie to view the representatives of the fleet she feels there contempt. Just when you fear her fears have been realized and her plan to renege on the deal is about to come to fruition, she has an epiphany and realizes there can be no trust, no hope, unless the Cylons can prove they can be trusted. But as Natalie is on her way to come clean to Adama, Sharon, in a moment of over-reaction, shoots Natalie. At that exact moment the hybrid is awakened and orders the basestar to jump away with Laura and Baltar aboard. Neither would have been on the ship had not Kara, trying to do the right thing, come to Laura with the Hybrid’s words, “the dying leader shall know the truth of the opera house.”

It’s frustrating because I see all these people doing their best, even Natalie is trying, and it’s as if nothing they choose to do matters because it’s all just going to go to hell. But on the flip side, all the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together. I’m sensing an internal logic even if I’m not entirely happy with it. There seems to be a plan.

I could spend hours dissecting every character and arc that began to come together last night. Sadly, I don’t have the time right now so I shall focus on the aspects that intrigued me and excited me most. (admireddisorder should have some fascinating analysis of Laura and Baltar. Her theory about them being linked and following parallel journeys seems to be coming to fruition. ;)

I know many people have problems with the path that Ron has seemingly been leading us down in recent weeks – a Human/Cylon reconciliation. The two races can only or will only survive if they can live together. In an ideal world this is what we hope for - two civilizations coming together and living in peace. But the world doesn’t work that way, especially when one race slaughtered twenty billion of the other without a second thought. And there has been no indication, with the exception of Caprica and Athena, who are still able to rationalize the Cylon's actions, that the Cylons did anything wrong. There has been no sorrow or regret or, hell, a "We’re sorry." Can I fault the Quorum if they think Laura has lost it?

I, as well as others, have speculated that the only way that the two races would have a chance of co-existing was if the playing field was leveled and the Cylons could no longer resurrect. I have to admit I was a little bit surprised, though pleasantly so, to hear Natalie propose what many saw as the only viable option for potential peace. Granted, their motives are not entirely born of altruism. Natalie bluntly states that they are rebels, and like their enemy, they can’t go home again. Whether or not the hub continues to exist, they will never be reborn again and, again, like their enemy, they want vengeance.

Natalie seemed to have an epiphany upon facing the Quorum. I think she’s beginning to grasp what she was a part of and why these people have such hatred towards them all. Prior to the Quorum meeting, she had only faced the members of the Colonial military and the president. Now, she was confronted with the faces of the people. These were just citizens, chosen to represent what’s left of humanity. As Lee points out to Laura, they live without hope and they fear, not of dying, but of this being their lives. If Lee can see it, learn from it, why not Natalie?

And Natalie as well as the rest of the Cylon rebels had begun to feel a sense of time. They understand that each moment is significant, important, and only has value because time has become limited. They value each moment because they don’t know how many they have left. Another epiphany - to have meaningful lives they must die and not return. I saw Natalie, for a moment, have an understanding of what makes us human. We do spend a lifetime distressing over our mortality, worrying about how or even if we will be remembered and what will we leave behind. What will our footprint be? The Cylons have none of the that. There history doesn’t exist because time doesn’t stop for them. In order to have a future, they have to have a past.

Laura Roslin, my gods, I didn’t think you could be any more awesome. I was wrong. Forgive me. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite Laura moment. When she has the quite realization that the Cylons could become mortal enemies, it was a wow moment for her and for me.

Then there was her chat with Tory. She knew. And the look on Tory’s face. It’s interesting that Tory can blow a woman out an airlock while holding her child and then lie to her husband’s face and not in the least bit be affected by it all, but having Laura be pissed at her? That’s what crushes her. Even worse she knows Laura will never completely trust her again. She’s now just an office worker, good at her job so Laura won’t replace her, but she’s nothing more to her.

But back to Laura, I’m curious who ratted Tory out to Laura. Part of me wonders it it could have been Lee and they rearranged the sequence of scenes during the editing process. It’s probably just wishful thinking on my part though. I just loved all her turns of phrase (“What is it about the Galactica that gives you such a glow?” “charter member of the nymph squad”) and how she slowly sticks the knife in and then twists it, repeatedly. As close as Tory has been to Laura she failed to learn you do not cross Laura Roslin. I also liked that the scene with Tory helped reinforce why Laura’s current relationship with Lee is the way it is. You betray her and you are cut out of her life.

Lee and Laura. Sigh. I enjoyed the opening scene between them, it was a nice way of reestablishing the continued animosity Laura feels towards Lee and Lee’s continued attempts to try and help her. Coincidently, last night in his radio interview, Jamie talked a bit about the relationship between Lee and Laura. As I watched the Lee/Laura scenes unfold l felt as if I was seeing played out on screen what Jamie had described. In his eyes, Lee has never lost his admiration and respect for Laura. She’s lost her ability to present leadership and you have to present yourself in a way that is palatable to the people. Laura is rightfully a dictator, an autocrat, because, in their current situation there is no room for a government run by democracy and vote, but Laura has forgotten the need to maintain the allusion of involving the people in the process. Lee is trying to help her in that respect and she views it as an attack.

Lee states he takes no pleasure in putting the recording of Baltar before her and that he was practically pushed through the door by the other delegates. I believe him. He doesn’t want to hurt her, he still has a deep respect for her and everything that she has accomplished, but it makes sense that he would be the lamb sent to the slaughter. He was her military adviser. He led a mutiny on her behalf. He was by her side when a third of the fleet took off. There is a connection there, however strained it might be at the moment. The other Quorum members might fear going toe to toe with her, but they also know that Lee has a chance of getting a direct answer from her and to succeed where they have failed.

Unfortunately, Laura, still feeling burned by Lee’s actions at Baltar’s trial, isn’t able to see he is still on her side. “I’m sure you’re quite happy to stay” has entirely different meaning she is unwilling or unable to see.

There was some significant foreshadowing in her words to him in their initial meeting - “For as long as I am in this office, the welfare of this fleet is not something you need to worry about” and “What if it was you instead of me?” At the end of the episode, Laura is gone and, assuming she’ll be gone for awhile, the president's office will need to be filled. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by predicting that Zarek will be sworn in as president and he’ll nominate Lee as his VP. So, Lee will now have some experience as to what it is like to have the fate of the fleet in one's hands. His beliefs will be called into question, probably by himself more so than anyone else.

The scene between the two in the med bay I’d have to call perfect. It’s as if Angeli knew what I’d love to see in a fanfic and he gave it to me in canon. It begins with the two of them just talking. Both taking in Gaeta’s heartbreakingly beautiful voice before Laura, politely, asking Lee how he found her. She assumes he came down there to kiss her ass to get information from her; he just came to talk to her. I just love that he went looking for her, that he wanted to talk to her outside of Colonial One, away from all the politicians and political machinations. He was desperate to get through to her and the only way he could do so was to follow her to a diloxin treatment. Much like Gaeta’s voice, so sad and beautiful.

I love (I'm using this word a lot ;) that Lee is there of his own accord. This has nothing to do with the Quorum. This isn’t a delegate trying to reason with the president. This is Lee talking to Laura and Laura tries immediately to deflect him, to put him down – “I won’t compromise the safety of the fleet to indulge the neediness of twelve perpetual unhappy representatives”. Lee, after taking a moment, decides to take a different approach. He has a unique perspective now. He’s been on the military side, he’s been on the president’s side, and now he’s simply on the people's side. I’m not sure if anyone else can say that. He was anxious during the jump because, for the first time, he was powerless to do anything to protect the fleet. (In the podcast for ‘Six of One’, Ron talked of a deleted scene between Lee and Adama in which Adama explains to Lee how when an attack comes he will be powerless to do anything, he will be on of those that need protecting, it would bother him, and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.) But even as he faced death in a viper, he fought and saw a glimmer of a chance to go on as he had some control over his situation. This time, unable to do anything but, sit, watch, and wait, he saw how the attacks affected the people. He saw the emptiness and the only way they could cope was by assuming the worst. Hope was gone for them.

Then there is a moment of (re)connection between the two. Laura acknowledged that Lee felt their suffering, now he needed to think about how she tries to hold their lives in the balance every single day. Lee is a smart man, I’m certain he understood that intellectually, but not emotionally until he was part of it. And having met in the middle, he asks her to talk to the Quorum. Lee has the advantage of knowing the person Laura is or at least is capable of being under ideal circumstances. He has seen her compassion and humanity, he was there when they had to make the jump and leave the ships without FTL behind. They need to see the person, the one that shares their concerns but has a certainty that this is the right path, and they need to be part of the process.

And maybe I’m wrong, but when Laura returns to the fleet, which I’m convinced she will at some point, I shall see the Lee and Laura I know and love working together again.

There were a lot of parallels in this episode. Neither Baltar nor Sam could go to Gaeta’s bedside, both men feeling guilty knowing the hell they have put him through. Tyrol being present once more at another Sharon involved shooting. Both Lee and Kara reaching out to the president and Laura willing to listen. Finding out the basestar can still heal itself, but is unable to defend itself - the exact opposite of Galactica which has a full contingent of vipers but has slowly been falling apart over the course of three years. The Cylon leader being on board Galactica as the leader of humanity is taken away on a Cylon ship.

Random thoughts:

They fixed the ring ship! I’ll hand wave where they got all the spare scrap metal.

Sam is really losing it. I loved Trucco’s crazy eyes.

Was Tigh’s calling the Cylons “slit eyed black bastards” suppose to be really offensive, because it was. Not to mention, it made little sense.

That was a cool shot of the vipers in the basestar.

Hera is left alone in their quarters while they're at work? Unless the nanny left right before the start of the scene that’s what it looked like.

I’m confused as to whether Athena meant to kill Natalie or just wanted to make her suffer horribly. She shot her in the stomach, which I hear is extremely painful, rather than in the heart or head. And is anyone going to question Tigh standing by and doing nothing?

Alessandro can sing! Poor Gaeta. :(

I knew there was a reason I clinged to this icon!
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  • More Birthdays and More 'X"!

    Happy Birthday!!! to two great ladies cathyteach2 and divahag. Both of you I had the pleasure of meeting thanks to the…

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