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A Couple of Things That Make Me Go, Hmmmmmm.....

Both are BSG related. The first relates to this past Friday's episode, 'Guess What's Coming to Dinner'. It struck me as odd that Laura asked Kara to bring Captain Agathon to her. Why did she specifically want Helo to fly her to the baseship? Why not Kara who was right there and who is as curious as Laura is about the Hybrid's ramblings and what it means for both of them? You could argue that she was needed on Galactica, but Helo seems to still be co-XO so wouldn't he be valuable to have on Galactica rather than piloting Laura around? Or why not ask for Sharon, the Cylon, to fly her? It just doesn't make much sense that it had to be Helo accept Sharon needed to be on Galactica to shoot Natalie and the show wants to separate she and Helo for an extended length of time.

After GWCtD aired, I posted a brief reaction to a few scenes in the promo for the next episode, 'Sine Qua Non'. Today, looking at the SciFi site and the one line summary for the episode it made me rethink my initial speculation in regards to Lee. I'll only be referring to the promo and the blurb, but if you consider that spoilery, move along!

At the end of GWCtD, Laura Roslin is gone and Tom Zarek, as the vice president, should, rightfully, be sworn in as the next/interim president. It's logical that Zarek would nominate Lee to fill the position he is vacating. He nominated Lee for Quorum seat and he still harbors a belief, imho, that Lee can be manipulated. Having Lee by his side would, in his mind, strengthen his position. The Quorum would support the decision to make Lee vice president, even though a junior member, because they have a great deal of respect for him. This past week, they pushed him to confront Laura because he had already challenged her publicly and felt he was perhaps the one person who could get through to her - something he did succeed in doing. So when I saw the clip of Lee being sworn into office, with Adama and Zarek present and seemingly few others, it made perfect sense that he was being sworn in as the vice president.

I've presumed since Season 1 that Lee Adama would, someday, be the president of the Twelve Colonies, but not now with Laura still alive and Tom Zarek still the VP. Not to mention, Lee Adama rising from the CAG to Quorum delegate to President, leap frogging over many people in the process, in a matter of months, seemed to stretch credibility, even by this show's standards. Or does it? This blurb on the SciFI site made me wonder:

President Roslin's abduction by the Cylon Hybrid triggers a bitter power struggle within the colonial fleet.

My initial reaction to the "power struggle" reference was that Zarek and Adama go head to head as to who is in charge during Roslin's absence. I could see Adama arguing Laura is still alive and while a military operation is underway to rescue her, he's in total command of the fleet. Zarek would argue (and I'm certain Lee would support him) that the civilian branch of government must be maintained. After all, we don't know when she'll be back.

But what if the power struggle is not between Adama and Zarek over control of the fleet, but of Zarek having any real power? Zarek, when resigning the presidency in 'Collaborators', stated he believed that if he remained in power Adama would withhold military support. And what if the Quorum doesn't support the idea of President Zarek either? Could Lee Adama be fast tracked to becoming President Lee Adama? Not only would he presumably be a popular and non-controversial candidate amongst the general population, he'd be a popular choice of the military as well. Adama would likely support the nomination, not just because it's his son, but because he would believe he'd have some influence over him, though we know better.

Lee's sudden and unexpected rise to the presidency would also make a nice parallel to Laura's own unexpected rise to power. Lee might even have a slight advantage having learned a lot from her, from both her successes and her failures. And there was heavy foreshadowing this past week with Laura making repeated references to Lee being in her position, facing the burden of shepparding humanity to their new home and ensuring their safety, "What if it was you instead of me?"

So, will it be Vice President Lee Adama or President Lee Adama in two weeks?

And since I am talking about BSG, a belated Happy Birthday! to _wisteria. I'm glad you received such a nice surprise. ;) And another belated Happy Birthday! (hey, it was a busy weekend!) to treacle_a. I hope you had a lovely day. :)
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At this point, who knows what the show will do, but I'm hoping for VP because I think that'd be more believable. What you're saying definitely makes sense, but I just worry about Lee moving quickly through the ranks AGAIN (the move to Commander was a bit quick too, and some fans and critics cpmplained about that.) I mean, I'm a huge Lee fan (as I know you are aware!) and even I would have a hard time justifying President Lee as something more than the writers shoe-horning Lee in where they want him to be. And then there are the Lee-descenters in fandom who would definitely be like "President Lee?! That is ridiculous and way too soon!"

That said, another thought that crossed my mind is that Zarek is sworn in and then soon after is killed (Why? I have no idea. This is just my brain doing its thing.) and then Lee becomes President. Yeah, I don't know. :)

Another power struggle could be that maybe people don't want Lee to be VP? The Quorum does seem to respect him, and the fleet too (from the trial and his war hero days) but even so, maybe they'd still think it too soon for this young delegate to hold such a high office.

Hmm, food for thought! For two weeks...
I definitely agree that making Lee VP is much more believable. Even that would be a bit of stretch for me if not for Zarek currently being the VP and knowing how he favors Lee. Of all the people in the Quorum, it's logical, to me, that Zarek would pick Lee to fill his position (though I definitely see your point about a segment of fandom going WTF?). I also think Zarek could make a suitable argument that, even being a junior delegate with limited political experience, Lee has a great deal of leadership experience. And everyone has seen Lee's not shy about standing up for what he believes in.

As much as I would love seeing Lee as president, someday, it would seem to stretch believability. Though, it wouldn't be the first time the series has done that. And with a belief that Laura is alive and will, hopefully, return to the fleet then it would make the most sense that Zarek become president, temporarily, and Lee become the interim VP.

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Although, you could make the argument that with his experience as being the Commander of a battlestar, he's a lot more equipped to be a leader than the Secretary of Education. *g*