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I'm cranky, must be Monday

First off, before today becomes tomorrow and I'm late chiming in, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KETZEL! May you live long and prosper (yes, I am a bit loopy today).

Things I came to discover today...

My department at work apparently still adores me (she says sarcastically). Noooo, it's not obvious at all that half of them failed to ask about my trip and instead spent the vast majority of the morning discussing some group outing to a mall. Yes, shopping at Casual Corner is much more interesting than seeing NY. Frankly, I don't want to go into every fricken detail of what I did, but at least ask if I had a nice time.

It boggles my mind that people who have never responded to one of my posts on LJ before do so only to criticize and attempt to start a fight, oh, I mean debate. :p

Hugh Jackman fans can be as obsessive and scary as James Marster fans. I started having flashbacks when I saw members of a Boy From Oz site trying to start campaigns to get the word out about Hugh and the show to keep it running (not that it's in danger of closing). Yes, the reviews were a bit harsh, but as long as Hugh is in it it will continue to run (especially with people choosing to spend a week in NY and watching back to back to back performances).

I hated Lauren less this week. I actually liked her in the car chase. The smile she got on her face was cute. Though, it should be a bit worrisome that she enjoyed the danger that much. Maybe that's how she'll exit the show (assuming she will at some point) - killed in the line of duty, putting herself in a position she really isn't prepared for.

And I have to feel a bit sorry for her. The girl will be facing a world of hurt when she finds out hubby still wants his ex back. Vaughn's dream imagery was a bit disturbing. Obviously he wants to be with Syd but that's tinged with quite a bit of guilt and a fear she can never forgive him.

Sloane's still a bastard, but in a twisted way I like him more each week. He seemed like a kid in a candy store when he announced he would now be playing double agent. The tables have definitely turned.

The new baddie is intriguing. Great casting btw and he actually seemed to make Sloane nervous - not something I ever recall seeing before.

And anyone else want to see Weiss have an even larger part on the show? I've adored every scene he's been in this season. He provides a nice relief from all the angst that swirls around him.

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