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Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles will be released on DVD August 19th.

And 'Life' is to be released on DVD September 2nd.

Steven Moffat is to succeed Russell T Davies as Lead Writer and Executive Producer of the fifth series of Doctor Who to air in 2010. I love Moffat's writing on the show so I'm very pleased by this news.

I watched the season finales of Bones and House last night. I may have more to say on House later. I'm still processing what I saw. And I mean that in the (mostly) good way. I was surprised at how emotional I got while watching it.

I generally don't post about Bones, but I feel compelled to given some plot twists in the final episode of the season. First of all, Booth made one hell of a recovery from that gunshot wound. Days later he's part of a sting operation, gets into a fist fight, and is back on the job. Even more impressive than his physical healing is his the way he's able to rebound emotionally. It's like it never happened! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

Zack is the apprentice? Really? I'm just not buying it. I knew that a cast member was leaving the show and Zack, to me, was the most expendable, but I thought they'd come up with a better scenario than this. I don't care how vulnerable he is, I just can't buy that he would have been approached by the master (and who else had Dracula flashbacks? Specifically, Buffy vs Dracula flashbacks?) and, oh, not mention it to anyone. To make it more implausible, he was talked into committing murder. Sigh. This show handles arcs about as well as House does. Please, just stick to the corpse of the week and the Booth/Brennan snarking.

TV Guide posted an interview with Eric Millegan (Zack) this afternoon. In it he helps to clarify why Zack's post-traumatic stress was dropped and he expresses his disappointment that they cut a key moment from his final scene. The interview can be found here.
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Love Moffat. Blink is my favorite Who ep ever and Jekyll mini was great fun, even with the Bionic Woman (or would become the Bionic Woman, or whatever).

"and who else had Dracula flashbacks? Specifically, Buffy vs Dracula flashbacks"

Drac is back in the comics, and yeah, Xander and him are a hoot. Buffy having a one night stand with another slayer made me give up on them though. Thanks Joss. :eye roll:

At least Zack went out with a bang. As did Amber (she was so beautiful and affecting on the dead-bus). I watched NCIS with my dad tonight and Lauren Holly's demise was dreadfully boring and pitiful.

"Hi, we're forcing you off the show because your character has no character, because we made you act 15 years older than you are just so it wouldn't be completely icky that we paired you with Mark Harmon, and old women don't get to do anything interesting so your character has no fans and we can write you out at a drop of a hat. You lose."

Booth getting shot? Was it a writer's strike or an April fools joke?
I was ready to write off Season 3 and then 'Blink' aired. As the Doctor would say, "Brilliant!"

So it was Lauren Holly's character that they killed off? I don't watch the show, but that seems rather anti-climatic. Hell, I don't even recall seeing any press about it today.
Argh. That anonymous comment was me. I forgot to log-in *facepalm*
This is why you NEVER log out. ;)

While I could see how Zack could be talked into it, there wasn't enough *showing* for this to happen, not even an indication about Zack's emotional turmoil after Iraq or guilt when he killed the lobbyist or *anything*, if they really wanted to push through with this storyline I hoped they'd stretch it out to the next season, address Zack's PTSD and then... *sigh* as it is it came out of nowhere.

I probably would have still had some trouble with the storyline, but if we had episodes with Zack dealing with PTSD and we found out that he either witnessed people being murdered or was forced to kill someone over in Iraq then at least the turn would have made some sense. But we've pretty much had the same old Zack all and we're supposed to believe he gets contacted by a psycho, doesn't mention it to anyone, and is talked into becoming a murderer? *And* an FBI agent, behavioral anthropologist, and psychiatrist noticed nothing? ::head desk::
Steven Moffat is to succeed Russell T Davies as Lead Writer and Executive Producer of the fifth series of Doctor Who to air in 2010. I love Moffat's writing on the show so I'm very pleased by this news.
Aiiieeeeeee!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

Hang on, it's not April 1 is it? No? this can't be a Fool's Day prank? Because this is like ALL MY DOCTOR WHO DREAMS COME TRUE. Really? Really truly really?!

*parties like it's 1999*
Woah! Randomness of icon. Sorry! *lols at self* I'm sure I didn't intend to use that one.
Thanks for the DVD links, looks like I'm selling a few oldies for future purchases.
I was very excited to hear the news about Moffat. He's written some of my favorite episodes, and he's very good at fleshing out episodic characters, and RTD's flair for the ridiculously melodramatic has been getting more pronounced.
And, assuming the rumors are true, Moffat will have a new Doctor to work with. Should be interesting. :)