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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

If anyone wants to dicuss the film or ask specific questions, please do in comments. I'm keeping initial thoughts non-spoilery for those debating to go or not to go?

To sum it up, it was...OK. We all know Lucas destroyed the Star Wars franchise with the prequels, well this succeeds in NOT doing that. Ultimately, I decided my problem was is they had twenty years to work on this and it should have been awesome and leave me wanting more and, instead, I left the theatre thinking the film was just OK. And that it should have been much more fun.

One of the things the original films did was reimagine and reinvigorate the movie serials of the 30's, putting new and spectacular twists on them. Now, we have a film that is borrowing, liberally, from the creations of the past twenty years. Elements of the The X-Files, Stargate, heck, even Meerkat Manor are utilized here. And I was left wondering if the use of rear-projection was a homage or a method of cost cutting? The talents of Jim Broadbent, Cate Blanchett, and John Hurt completely wasted. Even Karen Allen got the shaft. One revelation in the film (which I think we all know about) was handled oddly. And even by Lucas and Spielberg's standards, there was a stunt that left me going, "Oh, come on!"

What did I like? Harrison was still Indy and he had a really nice chemistry with Shia LaBeouf. The scenes just between the two of them were some of my favorite. I also appreciated the way they handled the absence of a couple of characters from the series. And there were some enjoyable action sequences and references to Indy's previous adventures - one cool 'Raiders' shout out in particular.

Overall, I'd say don't go in with high expectations (I didn't) and you'll probably find it...OK. But if you only see one movie in release right now, go see Iron Man. ;)
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