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SciFi Does it Again

The next new ep of BSG, 'Sine Qua Non', is airing on Sky right now. I thought SciFi would mandate that Sky show a repeat due to the holiday weekend, but apparently not. This also probably means they'll be days ahead of us for the final two episodes. Well, this is the same brain trust that allowed every other country to show the final episodes of SG1 months before they aired here so I guess I shouldn't be shocked. :/

ETA: SPOILER POSTED IN COMMENTS. No one else spoil me!
A major difference between this and the SG Atlantis situation is that Sky are one of the parties that provide the money for BSG, so as a result their contract gives them the right to show the episodes, they just couldn't begin to show them till a certain date.

And yes, they haven't taken a week off and the last 3 eps (inc this one, will go out 3 days before the US airing)
Wait, no. As far as I know the funding from Sky was only for season 1. Do you have a cite for this?
Someone told me it was still the case, plus there's still a Sky thing shown at the end of the credits - well there is here anyway. So I presume from that there is still some involvement, because surely you wouldn't let a company show their logo (or whatever the technical term for that shot is) something like 3 or 4 years after the end of their involvement...

Sorry I can't be of more help!
Yeah. And given that I just got the heads up there is lots of Lee I HAVE to download! But, I will still be around for viewing Friday. And I'll control the squeeing. ;)
Well to be fair that normally happens anyway doesn't it?

We (well those of us in the UK lucky enough to have Sky One) normally don't get to see it till 4 days after you guys, so it's just a case of us having a couple of days head start for a change, for a few weeks.
I which case, it will be a case of, instead of us downloading it (not that I bothered this season due to the small gap between the airdates there and here), it'll be you guys instead (for those that do, I know some people will wait)

I'm not really sure what you're trying to argue here? Most of my flist is in North America, so from my point of view, which is what I was commenting to asta77 on, the delay is going to be between those who download and those who don't. You may have a very different experience.
At least it's a good ep with lots of Lee in it.

Rumour at the con was that skiffy might show the final two episodes back to back, to get ahead again.
At least it's a good ep with lots of Lee in it.


Since this is the episode Jamie, Eddie, and Michael H had submitted for Emmy consideration I figured it must be pretty good. :)

SciFi might want to show the last two back to back since ratings will take a downward swing thanks to downloading.

OK, I guess I need to post that I'm trying to go spoiler free, or at least spoiler lite, until the end of the series. The name thing was a huge spoiler for me and I've had two people tell me they are unhappy that they learned about this before Friday when they plan to watch. People kind of expect my LJ to be spoiler free and you didn't attach a warning. If you can be a bit more careful in the future, I'd appreciate it. :)
Gods, I'm hoping that someone over there made an .avi of the episode. Otherwise, I'm going to have to avoid spoilers* for three days, and that's just impossible.

*Reading little spoilery nuggets like "this major plot point will happen" is quite different from a full, scene-by-scene recap. I try to avoid those, but I have no willpower. Sigh.
I just meant that I hoped someone MADE an .avi. Most of the eps in general circulation are from US or Canadian sources. Yeah, I know the UK has quite a few excellent .avi makers, such as the folks who do the Doctor Who eps. Here's hoping one of them caught BSG!

I was going to say thanks but I can just grab it much more quickly from Usenet... except now Easynews isn't loading at all. Hmm. First time that's happened for me in over five years, and it's making me nervous.
You don't see many UK avis of the eps at the moment because those capable of making them have all downloaded the US version by the time it screens - the only people who won't be doing that are those who're recording the UK HDTV version for easy video editing, and that's a tiny minority.

Of course, with this ep having aired here first... based on S1, I'd say you should expect torrents to start appearing any minute now; it usually took about an hour for people to convert and upload the files back then.
It's already available at one site I know so I expect copies of that will appear soon
Ah, just did a Technorati search, and it looks like Easynews is (temporarily?) down. Hopefully the 'net TPTB didn't realize that usenet has got everything that BitTorrent has, but on-demand instead of P2P. ;) If I had to go back to BT, I think I'd tear my hair out. Hmph!
Whoa, I honestly didn't expect them to do this.

But on the plus side, I get some BSG soon! :D
I had forgotten this was even a possibility until my husband asked me last night if i wanted 4:08 since it looked new. So yup, we grabbed and watched it last night. And I will not spoil you other than what you already know---your boy is going to get some serious airtime and you will get to meta to your heart's content.
I watched the ep twice last night. :) Meta is in progress and is probably not going to be as long as you would think it would be. I was thrilled Lee got as much screen time as he did, but with so much of what I was expecting coming to fruition I just don't feel like there is a lot to say at this point.
I was excited for about five seconds and then saw that he's heading for Entertainment Weekly. Sigh.