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Really Brief 'Sine Qua Non' Thought

I just had a 'Sine Qua Non' related epiphany.

So, I know how quite a few of you Lee/Kara shippers frequently use the term Pilots! It just occurred to me. As a Lee/Laura shipper, I now have a term I can use.


Awesome! :)
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Today I've stumbled across a few posts about the ep in which the posters stated they've never found Jamie that attractive...until they saw him in the shirt. It's magic! :)
I know! Sadly, the SciFi promo monkeys didn't see fit to publish a shot of the two of them together at the start of the season. I'll have to see if there are any screencaps that could work.
Asta my darling, you're precious.

And it's piloticians now, which also goes for the canonical mom/dad ship as well. Hee!
I have to say, I'm not a fan of "piloticians". It doesn't role off the tongue easily and I have to stop and think about the word when I encounter it in a sentence. I much prefer you all stick to the old skool, "Pilots!". ;)