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It's been a beautiful weekend here and how have I spent it? Not enjoying the weather or working on the million things I need to be working on, but either flat on my back or sitting in a chair. I don't know what exactly is wrong with me accept it's apparently some sort of inner ear infection that causes the room to spin or wobble anytime I try to stand up. Today is slightly better than yesterday because the motion induced nausea has subsided and I've been able to eat more than bread and crackers. The worst part is I had to go into work yesterday. I was actually OK sitting in the car and driving, it was just the walking to or from the car that was not easy. If anyone saw me they probably thought I was drunk.

The most I've been able to accomplish this weekend is rewatching season 1 of Bones on Hulu - a site I am growing to love - and attempting to catch up on a backload of LJ comments. 'Sine Qua Non' may not have been the best episode, but it certainly has generated a lot of interesting discussion. I've even managed to sway pellucid to the dark side. ;) She's written about The Dynamic Character Development of Lee Adama. And she linked me to chaila's thoughts on Bill Adama which turned into another discussion of Lee!

Oh, I also had an additional 'Sine Qua Non' thought about Lee and Kara. Yes, Lee and Kara. Did I mention I was sick? ;p I have to admit, even though I'm a non-shipper, I was a disappointed to not have a conversation between the two in the episode. Even something simple and to the point like...

Kara: "So, the president?"
Lee: "So, sane again?"

The last time they spoke they were talking about following their destinies and both have made some HUGE strides on their paths, you'd think they'd do a little catching up about that And they kissed! Yet are now standing next to each other like, well, two old friends who haven't shared everything they've shared.

I'm also curious as to how Sam fits into all of this. Is Kara going to work to make her marriage a real marriage or is she simply going to stay married to him because she's afraid to piss off the gods? Not that I want to return to some of the soapier aspects of season 3, but since we know where Lee and Dee stand, shouldn't we get some sort of resolution, soon, with Kara and Sam?

I am woefully behind on birthday wishes. It was a crazy week last week, personally, professionally, and fandomly (I think I just made up another word). As I mentioned to danceswithwords I could have posted a really bitchy post every day last week. But it was probably best to spare you (and me) the drama. So, let me take the opportunity now to say Happy belated/current/soon-to-be Birthday! to cathyteach2, divahag, writteninstars, 50mm, inloveiwthnight, and brynnmck. Phew! I hope I didn't miss anyone.

And, ketzel, I know I still owe you that post! ;)
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