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Sick, Sick, Sick

It's been a beautiful weekend here and how have I spent it? Not enjoying the weather or working on the million things I need to be working on, but either flat on my back or sitting in a chair. I don't know what exactly is wrong with me accept it's apparently some sort of inner ear infection that causes the room to spin or wobble anytime I try to stand up. Today is slightly better than yesterday because the motion induced nausea has subsided and I've been able to eat more than bread and crackers. The worst part is I had to go into work yesterday. I was actually OK sitting in the car and driving, it was just the walking to or from the car that was not easy. If anyone saw me they probably thought I was drunk.

The most I've been able to accomplish this weekend is rewatching season 1 of Bones on Hulu - a site I am growing to love - and attempting to catch up on a backload of LJ comments. 'Sine Qua Non' may not have been the best episode, but it certainly has generated a lot of interesting discussion. I've even managed to sway pellucid to the dark side. ;) She's written about The Dynamic Character Development of Lee Adama. And she linked me to chaila's thoughts on Bill Adama which turned into another discussion of Lee!

Oh, I also had an additional 'Sine Qua Non' thought about Lee and Kara. Yes, Lee and Kara. Did I mention I was sick? ;p I have to admit, even though I'm a non-shipper, I was a disappointed to not have a conversation between the two in the episode. Even something simple and to the point like...

Kara: "So, the president?"
Lee: "So, sane again?"

The last time they spoke they were talking about following their destinies and both have made some HUGE strides on their paths, you'd think they'd do a little catching up about that And they kissed! Yet are now standing next to each other like, well, two old friends who haven't shared everything they've shared.

I'm also curious as to how Sam fits into all of this. Is Kara going to work to make her marriage a real marriage or is she simply going to stay married to him because she's afraid to piss off the gods? Not that I want to return to some of the soapier aspects of season 3, but since we know where Lee and Dee stand, shouldn't we get some sort of resolution, soon, with Kara and Sam?

I am woefully behind on birthday wishes. It was a crazy week last week, personally, professionally, and fandomly (I think I just made up another word). As I mentioned to danceswithwords I could have posted a really bitchy post every day last week. But it was probably best to spare you (and me) the drama. So, let me take the opportunity now to say Happy belated/current/soon-to-be Birthday! to cathyteach2, divahag, writteninstars, 50mm, inloveiwthnight, and brynnmck. Phew! I hope I didn't miss anyone.

And, ketzel, I know I still owe you that post! ;)
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we might have had some kara/lee time had this episode not been all about laura. :) it WAS all about her, after all, even if she wasn't in it. and about lots and lots of man-pain. :D

i think we'll get some sort of resolution for all these things. we just need to be patient, since there's lots of characters running around, and lots of stories to wrap up. they can't deal with everything in one ep.

anyways, hope you'll feel better soon. being ill sucks, especially if you MUST go to work while feeling wretched. :(
It was all about Laura and not complaining about that. And poor Lee had to bury all his feelings and let his dad have his emo moment. ;)

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm back at work and still dizzy, though no nausea or headache so wheeeee! One of the guy's from the IS department walked into work with me and noticed I was losing my balance. He was a wee bit concerned that I drove, but I explained I'm fine when I'm sitting, it's the walking I'm having issues with. :p
poor bill. i felt so sorry for him this ep. he was pathetic. in a sweet sort of way, but still. altho i must admit i would have liked lee to show a little more concern over laura. ;)

well, good to hear the nausea's gone. and the headaches. you're on the mend then, and hopefully you'll be all well soon. :)
Ugh. That sucks. Staggering around without any booze at all is just not fair. ;-) I hope it clears up soon!

Agreed on the Kara/Sam marriage. And I did think the Adama departure scene was a little odd, from more than one angle. Given that this is basically a suicide mission, I thought they could have gone a bit more emo. But I feel like tempting fate and the gods of quadrangles if I ask for more Kara/Lee interaction. *g*
But I feel like tempting fate and the gods of quadrangles if I ask for more Kara/Lee interaction.

Well, I don't want them to go overboard! ;p But a 30 second conversation between them would have been OK. Maybe drop a scene of the dead cat?

I would have expected Adama's departure for it might-be-a-suicide mission to be a little more emotional. Especially if he hasn't arranged a way to rendezvous with the fleet after so many days. In that case it could be the last time Lee and Kara would ever see dad. Or maybe they realize they'll be less pain and drama in their lives without him. ;)
Oh no! I'm sorry you're still feeling crappy. Although I'm one to talk about going to the doctor, inner ear things often need some antibiotics. I'm just saying!

I have to admit, even though I'm a non-shipper, I was a disappointed to not have a conversation between the two in the episode.

This season, the writers seem to have divided things up more. I was actually not surprised to see the lack of interaction between them; I expect it will be an element in another episode, but it didn't fit with the themes of this one, and they seem to be picking their focus a lot more strongly. I have mixed feelings about that, since in the past, when they've had too many balls in the air, they've started dropping some of them; at the same time, there used to be more parallel movements of different storylines in a single episode.
I'm better today, no nausea or headache, and sitting up seems to be going well, but standing and walking is still a bit iffy. Maybe I'll wait one more day and see if I should call a doctor. If I'm at the end of this then it would be a waste of time and money to go see him today.

I agree, in the recent past the show has dropped the ball on storylines and I didn't feel that they had forgotten about Lee and Kara, but I just felt there should have been more of an acknowledgment that a lot has happened to them both and that they'd desire to do a little catching up. Lee probably more so than Kara. We have, to an extent, the fruition of their last discussion about following their destinies. Even if they had just had them walking away together I would have thought, "Oh, they're going to go talk for a bit."
Whoa, so sorry about the ear thing! Sounds dreadful. I hope you feel better soon.

and so true about K/L. I cling to hope that there were deleted scenes, much as for "The Passage".

Good linkage for the Lee discussions! I wish I had insightful stuff to add, but everyone's pretty much covered it all. :0)
By the time I got around to Chaila's discussion everything I would have said was pretty much said. Darn my busy week!
Yeah, I noticed the clunking lack of an interaction between the two of them. I think Kara is the CAG again, hence why she's always in uniform. But I think she's still Kara, so not exactly sane!

And I've been assuming that Sam is in the Brig or certainly not on active duty after shooting Gaeta...
Considering 40 vipers and almost as many pilots are on the basestar, I suspect they need Sam to be on duty. And Helo was the CAG, but he's one of the pilots on the basestar, so the duty (we assume) fell back to Kara. Again, a line, let's say from Tigh, questioning Kara's fitness for duty and Adama saying, "Who else do we have?" would have cleared up some issues.
Hope you are felling better.

You don't think it was too much SciFi Saturday's Original Movies do you? They can make my head spin. :-)

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I cannot recall what I watched Saturday night, but it wasn't SciFi. Scorpy was in the latest, wasn't he?
Oooh vertigo. Ugh! WORST. SICKNESS. EVER.

I think I'd rather lose a limb than to ever have it again. It's awful. I hope it's cleared up. I say, the second you feel a head cold coming on, start taking decongestants immediately. Also, Phenergan is an anti-nausea my doc prescribed when I was fighting with regular vertigo. It's good to try to get a script and keep it in the house for emergencies.
Since you are my BSG guru can you answer why Lee was wearing a wedding ring? I know he and Dee are kaput, so why the matrimonal band? Or was it not a wedding ring?
It's a wedding ring. I've seen a lot of people question (and complain) as to why he's still wearing it. I have two theories. One is it's Jamie's wedding ring and he'd prefer leaving it on. The other is that the Adama men find it very, very difficult to let go of the past and their failures. Keep in mind, Bill Adama still wears his wedding ring and he and Lee's mother have been divorced for a couple decades.
Ah-ha. I don't think I realized Bill still wears his ring. Obviously he has some issues and it would make sense that Lee could be making the same gesture. They don't tend to fare well with disappointment as you said. Although it's still a bit strange.
I'm sorry to hear that you've not been well - I hope you make a swift recovery. My last girlfriend suffered from a bout of labrynthitis that refused to go away for months - random bouts of dizziness are horrible.

Just think - when Laura gets back, you're going to get at least one really good Laura/Lee scene as they try to work out who's really the boss of whom ;)